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Coronavirus: Now we will know true churches or commercial outfits- CAN president

by Church Times


… commends FG on fight against virus



The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Rev. Dr. Samson Ayokunle has said the coronavirus pandemic will expose churches that don’t care for their members and those that are true to the faith.


He also noted that the disruptions brought about by the novel coronavirus is not enough to deny the believer the joy of salvation while also commending the federal and state governments for their efforts in fighting the disease.


In his Easter message made available to Church Times signed by his special adviser on media and communication, Pastor Bayo Oladeji, The CAN president said, “There is no other time the hope of victory over circumstances of life which Easter brings is more relevant to humans than now when we are forced to celebrate Easter for the first time in over one hundred years in lockdown.


“The Coronavirus disruptions of human activities however cannot deter us from our joy and victory over all evils which Christ’s unique resurrection from the dead has brought to us.”


He recalled that Jesus Christ also faced trying moments noting, “The period of the arrest, the trial, the sufferings of Christ and his eventual crucifixion and burial were not only periods of pains and gloom to the Lord himself but much more to his followers. It appeared every hope was lost.”


Ayokunle however said the devil didn’t have a field day for long. “On the third day, death couldn’t hold him captive anymore, the Lord broke the power of hell, grave and all evils that conspired together against the King of glory. He rose in power and victory to the shame of Satan and his cohorts. The disciples saw the Lord, ate with him and were happy again. Their faces radiated with joy and victory at last.”



He then assured Nigerians that “we shall see the end of all evils challenging us in the name of Jesus including COVID-19. A writer has said ‘Tough times never last but tough people do.’ Even at this time, those who know their God shall wax strong and do exploits.”



He reminded all local churches to make relief packages available to the poor among them adding that “this is the time we would know the true church of Christ and those that are just commercial outfits.”



He commended both the Federal and State governments for rising up strongly to confront the evil called Coronavirus pandemic; urging them not to relent “in confronting it headlong until we kick out the evil from our nation completely.”


He also urged governments at all levels to be “transparent and inclusive of all regions and religious persuasions in the identification of the poor to which pandemic relief materials and payments are being given. Even after the government has explained the mode by which they identified the beneficiaries, many Nigerians, including the National Assembly’s members are still really not convinced that the poor around us are the beneficiaries.”


He noted that it may be impossible to touch every poor in the society for lack of enough resources. He however said “equal selection of the poor per state with balance in religious persuasions would have done better justice.”


While wishing Nigerians a happy Easter, he assured “that CAN shall continue to pray for the government for right and inclusive decisions always for our general good. I am fully persuaded that very soon, coronavirus will become history and we shall all have victory over it. Let us intensify prayers for a quick recovery for as many that are recuperating from its attacks.”

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