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Christian group kicks against reckless lifestyle assures Nigerians of bright future

by Church Times

The Christian Conscience group has cautioned Nigerians, especially the political class against a riotous lifestyle while urging all to imbibe godly principles.

The group made the call in a statement signed by its National Chairman, Dr. Mrs. Yetunde Akinluyi, and the National General Secretary, Revd Dr. Kolawole Verrals on Friday, April 15.

It also assured Nigerians of a bright future.

In the one-page statement, the group urged the ruling class to abhor a lifestyle that is detrimental to the peace and unity of Nigerians.

It urged Nigerians to allow “the will of God to prevail in their daily activities as there is still hope for a better country of our dream.”

The group hinged its conviction on the promises of God and the outcome of some spiritual exercise it embarked on recently.

There is hope for Nigeria

“We believe judging by what the Lord is telling us there is still hope on the horizon.  But our political leaders must make God the cornerstone of their activities. They must be submissive to His Will. They must do things with the fear of God. They must be considerate to fellow human beings in all things.”

Reflecting on the mood of the Easter season, the group states  “we must have hope where there seems to be none because the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ have given us Hope against all odds”.

While rejoicing with all Christain faithful and Nigerians in general for this year’s Easter Celebration, the group further admonished Nigerians “not to give up hope despite the various challenges facing the nation but trust in the Almighty God who is sufficient and efficient in all matters of life.”

Prayers for political class

The Christian Conscience group also called for prayers for the political leaders. “The power of the devil cannot be compared with the power of God as He is capable of defeating darkness at all times. If we, as a Nation genuinely seek His face without pretense, He will come to our help.”

The group in the statement also urged eligible voters to take advantage of the ongoing continuous voters’ registration update.

“People should go and register to vote and keep abreast with development on the political front.” the statement read.


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