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Chris Okotie: A troubadour and myrmidon of Christ @ 62

by Church Times
By Ladi Ayodeji
“Age is a cleansing apparatus. It provides a catharsis for the dregs of youth and infantile immaturity.  As the days accumulate and the years take on a vertical tandem, the soul is released from mundane desires and propensities that are rooted in carnal thoughts, and imaginations.”
It is written, “Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”.
“Simply put, numerical accountability of time, fosters wisdom in the innermost recesses of our being.
Consequently, I have come to redefine my philosophical centre of gravity and embrace transcendent equanimity. I am a better man. I am a wiser man. I am a better servant of the Lord Jesus”.
– Extracted from Okotie’s birthday allocution two years ago.
I know Rev Chris Okotie has been Pastor of the Household of God Church for the past 34 years. His innovative presentation of the New Testament Church structure and profound teaching has set his ministry on a pedestal from most local churches in Nigeria.
In 2003, Okotie ran for President on the philosophical political concept called, “Messianicism”. He posited that the concept of sacrificial leadership would augur well for the prosperity and unity of Nigeria.
This concept was developed and became the foundation of what he called “Aboriginal Democracy”. This informed his “letters pacifical” which he wrote to the APC and PDP IN 2019 urging them to adopt him as a consensus remedial facilitator.
The issues he raised in his letters have become the basis for the seeming fragmentation of Nigeria today.
At 62, (Wednesday, June 16) we salute an icon who has demonstrated prodigious capacity in music, religion, and politics.
His convictions have laid a necessity on him to defend and confirm God’s word with concerted bravado.
Truly, he is a “troubadour and myrmidon of Christ”

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