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Why unification of Celestial Church, Cherubim and Seraphim will be difficult

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Celestial Church, Cherubim and Seraphim unification: Why it will be difficult

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By Prof. Olabode Akinlein Dickson (Sup. /Evang.)

As reactions continue to trail the proposed unification of Celestial Church Youth with Cherubim & Seraphim Church as reported in the Sunday Sun of 7th July, 2019, page 21, Professor Akinlein of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide Academy of Theology and Management (CELE-ACAD). Presents below, why such unification is not possible, claiming that, it is the level of ignorance in the fold that had prompted some elders and leaders in the fold to have ever succumb to such a scheming since they never really know the Original Divine Mission of the Church and what God has directed her to accomplish for Him before they corruptibly bought their ways to the exalted Seat of leadership after Pa. SBJ Oshoffa Departs.

Hence, the Soteriology Professor understanding that the fold has betrayed God with the multitude of these ignorant leaders and elders, hereby publish, the original divine mission and commission of the Church as enacted in the church Constitution for the few Spirit-filled elites in the Fold to join the institute to pursue and accomplish ignoring the activities of the uniformed in the fold maybe, they would see the light and become converted later by His Grace & Power, (Titus 2:11).

How it all Began;

It is no more news, that on the 23rd of May 1947, that Day of the Eclipse of the SUN, a man then (SBJ Oshoffa), who was lost in the wilderness of the West African Mangrove Forest of Ajase Port Novo in the Republic of Benin heard the Voice, Luli after which, the Voice interpreted Himself to mean, “The Grace of God that brings Salvation” (Titus 2:11).

Of course, after this encounter, the man SBJ Oshoffa (then) was changed completely into a God’s Messenger and was instructed to go all out to proclaim to the entire human populace that, there is mark 666 of the Devil already in circulation. (1 John 2:18) (Rev. 13:18) and several Christians who have died in our world as at that 1947 and before could not get through to the kingdom of God to meet Christ their Saviour because of this mark in their bodies. Rev. 14:11.

These and many more were the very Divine messages received by Pa. SBJ Oshoffa on that faithful Day of May 23rd 1947 called Luli Day, in our Celestial Fold. And that was the beginning of what becomes our Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide of today.  Very unfortunately however, even though as Pa. SBJ Oshoffa of blessed memory narrated this encounter with Jehovah God of Heaven even like the same way this same God as “Consuming Fire” (Heb. 12:29) appeared to Pa. Moses sometimes ago too in the desert and gave him a Commission as read in Exodus 3:1-10.  This our Pa SBJ Oshoffa’s own Divine Commission coined out of our Church Constitution, page 7, Section 24, and (Divine Order) nobody seems to want to see to its accomplishment.

This Divine message which is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all mankind particularly with emphasis on the fact that many Christians who erred from Jesus Christ have already received the mark 666 of the Devil and so cannot enter Heaven. No one seems to bother to want to project across board instead, many got into nurturing different ideas and opinions about the Divine Order and eventually choose to establish individual different platforms and parishes where they project self and introduce all kinds of activities into the fold.

And this error is what many have continued up to date, leaving undone that important assignment Jehovah God of Heaven assigned Pa. SBJ Oshoffa and everyone identifying with Celestial Church of Christ World Wide. The Church (He) Himself Descended on the 29th September, the same year, for this Cause.

Oh, what a tragedy, hence the need for us to stop today and rethink as CCC Hymn 286 demanded of us and return to the very work He has assigned us since 1947 as true Celestials.

Understanding the Original Commission of the Church

According to our Divine Order on Page 7th, Section 24, of our Constitution.

Of Course, what Jehovah God has sent Pa. SBJ Oshoffa and his CCC W/W to do for Him are:

Pa. SBJ Oshofa and the entire Celestial Church Worldwide are to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:16) proclaiming Him as the only Lord of our Universe (John 1:4) and encourage all mankind to desist from patronizing all other self-acclaim messiahs, all traditionalists, the voodoo-priests, the witch-doctors and representatives of all gods, goddesses, deities, false prophets/prophetess, traditionalist alfas, Ifa priests and all associated with them in the expense of receiving the mark of the Devil from these people unknowingly as this will prevent them from entering into the kingdom of  Heaven after death.

(Isaiah 31:1), (1 John 3:8), (Rev. 14:11).

Infact many Christians across-board had already been afflicted of this devil’s mark 666 unknowingly, as whosoever has ever strayed away from Christ Jesus, the only Light and Saviour of Mankind (John 8:12) (Acts 4:12)  to have sought and received any help both spiritual, material blessings, healings, deliverance, favour, popularity, child bearing or just whatever from anyone, outside of Jesus Christ, Oh, such person has erred according to Isaiah 31:1,  Acts  4:12 & 1 John 3;8 and so have received the identity of a child of the Devil (666), and when this ignorant one dies  out of our world here, he or she would not ever enter into Heaven but would go with the devil to burn in hell fire according to God’s Word in  Rev. 14:11.  Therefore, as this is the number one Divine assignment God gave Pa. SBJ Oshoffa and the entire celestial fold Worldwide. This Divine work is what everyone should be striving to accomplish for our God as our CCC Hymn 613 and James 2:20 confirmed.


Meanwhile, the No. 2 Divine assignment however is to cleanse all mankind of this mark 666 of the Devil. Of Course, this our No. 2 Divine assignment is what we sing in our CCC hymn No. 176, the fourth and the Fifth lines even if many could not spiritually discern this. (Ijo yi ni yio we aye mo). (Aje oso yio wariri).

Yeah, the witch and the wizards sorcerers etc must all be confounded as Celestial Church rises-up to frustrate their devilish agenda upon ignorant Christian populace with a bucket of water and CCC Hymn  8. One Candle, Soap and Sponge infront of all Celestial Churches every day.

While the 3rd Divine Assignment, is for our CCC to increase, indeed to expand our territories and strategies to bring all mankind to Jesus Christ every day who is waiting to solve all their problems while we remain God’s Battle Axe and the Last Ark of Salvation as our CCC Hymn 732 Sings it out then Matt. 11:28-30 & Acts 2:47 testifies.

Then the number 4 Divine assignment is to eradicate the complete patronage of all these false solution givers to mankind (Deut. 18:10-12) because through their patronage the Devil afflicts humanity with Mark 666 to identify them with itself for total destruction at last (Rev. 13:16-17). Meanwhile, as many people in the fold cannot really be part of these Divine works, since they are not yet converted. These are the ones who  still perpetuate evil works of Idolatory, fornication, adulterous living with all forms all vices in their hearts as read in Gal. 5:19-21, 1 Cor. 9:6-10 and Rev. 21:8.

Consequently, let all of us, who can participate, begin today, and say it is quite possible, for us, carrying along, our civilized Youths and kids, towards accomplishing these four Divine Mission above for our God. For; unlike the elders of the Israelites nation of old, who could not accomplish Divine mission for their God and perished  in the wilderness unfulfilled, (Numbers 33:51-53; 13:31-33 and 14:4).

We, by His Grace are calling all and sundry to let us reconcile our ways with our God as read in Job 22:21-25 and begin these very four Original Divine Assignments, assigned our Church since 72   Years ago (1947-2019) and 34 Years our founder departed the fold.

Yeah, the good work begins with us today and everyone who needs more explanation on all these would receive Books, Tapes, Cds, DVD even pure and applied Theology Education if they call +2348100088954 now.

Visit www.facebook.com/celestialchurchtransformation.com

or www.facebook.com/olabodeakinlein 08100088954.

Anyone can request for copies of the Church Constitution and 4 other Books and can as well register online for Theology Education Course, if names are text to +2349074697391 while Classes Open every Saturday 10:00am or 5:00pm respectively at various Designated CCC Parishes across the Globe.

For; with our God, All things are possible with us who believe



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