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CAC president

CAC president warned against mammon, urged to be bold @ commencement service

by Church Times
The new president of the Christ Apostolic Church, Pastor Olusegun Oladele has been warned against mammon-related temptation while also being encouraged to be bold in the face of daunting challenges as he steers the ship of the Church.

The warning was given by Pastor Simeon Oladokun on Saturday, March 20 at the Ibadan. Oyo State Headquarters of the church; during the commencement service of Pastor Oladele

Oladokun who is the Superintendent of CAC Nehemiah Generation zone in the UK and regional secretary for Anosike Region of CAC Europe recalled how Pastor Oladele was instrumental to his theological education urging him to be bold as he steers the ship of the church.

He noted that Pastor Oladele has the quality of turning the bitterest enemy into a close friend adding that the church has a tradition of enthroning great presidents starting from Oba Akinyele who served as the first president of the church.

He said, “Be bold, be strong, be warned. God had to encourage Joshua to be bold in the face of giants. God is saying to you sir, be bold, be courageous. Courage is not the absence of fear but moving on in the face of fear.

“There are people who will encourage you to sacrifice the church purity on the altar of mammon. Say no. Be strong. David warned his son Solomon when he was to join his ancestors  You have the Adonijahs and those who will contend the wheel of the church with you. Be bold, be strong, and be warned. The Lord who has called you will help you,” he said.

CAC President: New level, new devil

CAC president

Pastor Oladele third from left and other officials of the church at the commencement service

He said further, “for every new level there is a new devil. God promised Joshua His presence and  His power. God’s promises, presence, and power are with you. Things will be so tough. If you are building a city without opposition it is not Jerusalem,” he said.

The UK-based Nigerian pastor also advised Pastor Oladele to imbibe the leadership style of Nehemiah which according to him was what he picked from him at the seminary.

“I learned the leadership style of Nehemiah from you. One of the tools the enemy used against Nehemiah was derision. When you are building for God, one of the first sets of people that will get to you are people who will make fun of you. Be bold be strong be warned.

“They used the tool of discouragement against Nehemiah. The enemy tried to frustrate his plan. As you build for God, do not give up. They used dread. They tried to make him afraid. They also tried discord. They started spreading gossip among the people. They also tried division, they used danger.”

He however assured that no matter how the enemy tries he will not prevail urging Oladele to remain focused on the task of building the church and taking it to the next level.

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