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Issues on the front burner: A note for President Tinubu

by Church Times

Kindly allow me Kick-start by appreciating your Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Adekunle Akanbi Tinubu, GCFR for bringing the much-needed excitement, rejuvenation, and the injection of goal-getters that has been missing in Governance for quite a while.

Of particular note is the very commendable Management of our Diversity with the well spread Inclusion of competent professional Men and Women across the geopolitical zones of the Country.

In view of my resolve to assist this Administration to succeed in my own small way by providing positive Feedback and Criticisms, kindly find some Salient points of urgent matters of National interest trending in the Public domain listed for your consideration and attention as follows:


$800 million World Bank loan


Engr. Adesegun Olutayo Osibanjo

  1. The breakdown of the National Assembly-approved loan of $800 million borrowed from the World Bank is stated below
    • ₦500 billion for Palliatives
    • ₦2 billion for the Ministry of Agriculture to address massive destruction to Farmlands due to the flooding of the year 2022
    • ₦35 billion to the National Judicial Council (NJC)
    • ₦10 billion to Federal Capital Territory Administration for Critical Projects
    • 70 billion to the National Assembly to support the working conditions of new members for less than 500 persons & giving next to nothing to Citizens numbering over 220 million. Section 3.2.7 of this Submission addresses this part further.
  2. PMS subsidy removal is inflicting severe pains on ordinary Nigerians and shutting down many Small-scale businesses due to the very high cost of running Generators daily which is resulting in heavy losses. This has brought the following observations & questions to the fore:
    • This Administration needs to bring speed to bear to mitigate the excruciating pains and ripple effects of the impact of Subsidy removal on the Nation by halting the ongoing back and forth on the Palliative measures and urgently proceed with its implementation. Kindly note that the National Welfare Database or Register does not exist anywhere in the first place for it to fail any Integrity test. Sa’adiya Umar Farouq, the Disastrous Minister under former President Buhari only provided a Register of her Cronies whom She personally goes out to dash monthly money. The basis or mechanism by which to administer the Palliatives and make it trickle down to those in dire need of it and not get hijacked by Elite Politicians and Governors for their own Cronies is a major challenge already.
    • Consolidating Crude oil refining into the hands of an Individual rather than releasing strategies and plans to revive our ailing National Refineries that have gulped Trillions of naira on several Turn Around Maintenances (TAM) and never refined Petroleum products for local consumption. The Administration needs to engage more on Investments in the Mid-stream sector
    • The Administration needs to demonstrate sufficient responsibility and transparency by giving Nigerians visibility into the Cost breakdown of both the Direct Sales & Direct Purchase (DSDP) regimes of PMS importation to identify the Subsidy cost element in the Supply chain process because some are really unable to see any Subsidized part in the process. This is why some say, Subsidy is a Scam because it’s Visibility cannot be seen to exist in the Supply chain process.
    • Subsidy removal on other forms of Energies like Electricity, if it exists is strongly advised to be placed on suspension for now.
    • A stable and regular Electric power supply should form a core part of the Palliative measures for the PMS subsidy removal. This is why the talk on Subsidy for this be Stepped down for now, please.
  3. The Demand for Sacrifice placed on ordinary Nigerians by the Administration in the face of our current National realities has become too enormous, becoming unbearable, and one-sided and the following needs to be put into consideration
    • We need to be reminded that our current Nationality realities are caused by the failure of successive Government administrations over the years, this means that the greater part of the Demand for sacrifice must be placed on Government at all Levels. The government must be seen to be taking the lead in demonstrating sufficient sacrifices on Salaries, Allowances, emoluments, and Severance packages.
    • There is a critical urgency for the President to convene an emergency meeting of all the 3-Arms of Government i.e., the Executive, Legislature (National Assembly), and Judiciary to frankly and bluntly discuss the reduction of the Cost of Governance which includes but is not limited to
      • Cut down on the Jumbo and humongous Pay, Expenses, and Convoysof all Politically elected office holders (Executive & Legislature)
      • Collection of double Payments as a sitting Politically elected office holder and Severance package from a previous Politically elected office should be stopped forthwith. Otunba Gbenga Daniel, former Ogun State Governor recently laid the foundation example for other responsible Politicians in the same situation to follow suit
      • Consolidation and reduction of Federal Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDA’s)
      • Reduction in the number of Ministers, Special Advisers, Assistants, and other Political appointees
      • The Collapse of the Two Chambers of NASS to Just One
      • Reverting the function of Legislation from Full-time to Part-time as it was in the Second Republic
      • The humongous Allocation of 70 billion to the National Assembly as contained in Section 1.5 is very worrisome and cannot be justified under the current realities we are facing in the Country. If this is not urgently addressed and reversed, the Government will be seen as taking ordinary Nigerians for granted, being highly insensitive and unappreciative of our collective Sacrifices, while the Administration irrespective of the Arm of Government to which the Allocation is made will be seen to be making merry, living lavish and ostentatious life at the expense of the suffering masses. It is strongly advised that President Tinubu should not wait for the Nigerian masses to set aside the differences in Religion and Ethnicity in our Polity in the face of enormous and unbearable hardship and align to confront his Administration Head-long. #Let-the-Poor-Breatheis the current Rallying cry that is gradually growing into a new Movement just like #EndSARS You need to act very fast now, Sir. The EndSARS protest must not be replicated by any means, please!
  1. The Prosecution of the Suspended CBN Governor, Godwin Emefieleis mind-boggling and puzzling to see the Heinous crimes he committed against Humanity in Nigeria ridiculously downplayed to a mere two-count charge of Possession of fire-arms in the like of a Dane gun as if we are in a session of Comedy in Court. The physical fight sparked off by DSS with the Department of Prisons over who takes custody of Emefiele after the Court session was rather very shameful and disgraceful for us in the full public glare of the World. Some of us are aware that the Interrogation of Emefiele has opened a Can of worms and we also relate with the fact that some Compromises, Give and take need to be done to shield President Buhari just as was accorded other former Presidents, but the Administration of President Tinubu should not turn the Blind eye to the following
    • All accomplices including Family members implicated as having acted on the instruction of President Buhari must be made to return full loot
    • All accomplices including Family members implicated as having acted without the instruction of President Buhari must be prosecuted and made to return full loot
    • Sa’adiya Umar Farouq, the Disastrous Minister must be prosecuted and made to return full loot, including all former Ministers that soiled their hands in corrupt practices
    • Godwin Emefiele must be prosecuted for all the real Heinous crimes he committed against Humanity in Nigeria. He killed almost all the Dealers of Perishable goods in the Country.
  2. The Administration of NNPC Ltd, Role and Handling of Crude Oil theft, and with the 20 Top-management positions of the Organization placed in the hands of a select Ethno-religious few are major areas of consideration for the Administration including but not limited to:
    • The role of the NNPC Ltd in the management of both the Direct Sales & Direct Purchase (DSDP) regimes of PMS importation
    • Uncover why the PMS Pricing template has been a mystery that the NNPC Ltd bluntly refused to demystify to the Nigerian public. Transparency is of the essence in our Nigeria of today, please
    • Uncover why all the NNPC Refineries have refused to produce over the years despite the humongous trillions of naira spent on TAM
    • The role of NNPC Ltd in Crude oil theft by covering up traceable tracks, and burning up and destroying Vessels laden with Crude oil used for theft rather launch a full-blown Investigation to unveil Culprits and bring them up for prosecution
    • Uncover why a particular Ethno-religious zone dominates the 20 Top-management positions of NNPC Ltd, negating the uniqueness of our Diversity factor and the well spread Inclusion of competent professionally qualified Men and Women from others including the Oil producing zones, which is one of the Hallmarks of this Administration. Their details are as shown below:

Mele Kyari (GMD)

Umar Ajiya (Chief Finance Officer/Finance and Accounts)

Yusuf Usman (Chief Operating Officer)

Farouk Garba Sa’id (Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Services)

Mustapha Yakubu (Chief Operating Officer, Refining and Petrochemicals)

Hadiza Coomassie (Corporate Secretary/Legal Adviser to the Corporation)

Omar Ibrahim (Group General Manager, International Energy Relations)

Kallamu Abdullahi (GGM Renewable Energy)

Ibrahim Birma (GGM Governance Risk and Compliance)

Bala Wunti (GGM NAPIMS)

Inuwa Waya (MD NNPC Shipping)

Musa Lawan (MD Pipelines And Product Marketing)

Mansur Sambo (MD Nigeria Petroleum Development Company)

Lawal Sade (MD Duke Oil/NNPC Trading Company)

Malami Shehu (MD Port Harcourt Refining Company)

Muhammed Abah (MD Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company)

Abdulkadir Ahmed (MD Nigeria Gas Marketing Company)

Salihu Jamari (MD Nigeria Gas and Power Investment Company Limited)

Mohammed Zango (MD NNPC Medical Services)

Sarki Auwalu (Director, Department of Petroleum Resources)

I remain an avowed and ardent supporter of this Administration because I believe in the Competence and great Valour of President Bola Ahmed Adekunle Akanbi Tinubu, GCFR, and the collaboration and working together with his Vice President Kashim Mustapha Shettima, GCON.

Your Excellencies will not fail in Jesus’ name.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!


Yours sincerely,

Engr. Adesegun Olutayo Osibanjo

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