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Understanding the book of Revelation with Afolabi Dollars (8)

Black horse

Black horse and its rider


“So I looked, and behold, a BLACK HORSE, and HE WHO SAT ON IT had a pair of SCALES in his hand. And I heard a VOICE IN THE MIDST OF THE FOUR LIVING CREATURES saying, ‘A QUART of WHEAT for a DENARIUS, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the OIL and the WINE”-(Revelation 6:5-6).

If you have been following my articles over the years, you should know by now that anytime I put words/phrases in block letters in any quoted scriptures, you’ve got to pay attention to it/them for accuracy of understanding and adequate Interpretation!


Black horse
So, we are starting with the BLACK HORSE. Black is often connected with famine in the Bible; the BLACK HORSE represents DEPRIVATION, while the RIDER/HORSEMAN represents FAMINE.

If you follow what I’ve been saying in my previous articles on this series about the interrelationships of the first 4 SEALS, and the interwovening/interconnectivity of the 4 horses and their riders, especially in their REPRESENTATIONS, you’d perfectly understand that the Black horse and its rider which means DEPRIVATION and FAMINE makes sense to have in turn followed the red horse and its rider which means BLOODSHED and WAR.

In human history, FOOD SHORTAGE is a typical byproduct of WARS, habingered by CONQUESTS who want to dominate their fellow men to their injury. Today, we also see ECONOMIC INFLATIONS and SCARCITIES as byproducts of POLITICAL/ECONOMIC WARS caused by SUPER POWERS trying to CONQUER and dominate the global economies of the world, and all these happenings are a sequencial combination of the White, Red, and Black horse riders’ apocalyptic operations on Earth.

FAMINES are often attributable to the WARS that occurred before them. Let’s take the ongoing global pandemic for instance, some Religious folks think it’s God’s doing, but the truth is, it’s the MANipulation and creation of MAN and SYSTEMS for control and conquest in a global sphere, God only ALLOWS/PERMITS these occurrences in the frequency of His sovereignty and omniscience!

In the Dynamics of teaching, let me use the CORONA VIRUS just to paint a picture, so you don’t tag me as a conspiracy theorist.

Even the Corona virus itself looks like a CROWN and that’s where it derives its name from; “Corona” actually means CROWN, and in the spirit of the WHITE HORSE RIDER who was given a CROWN to go CONQUERING, this crown-like virus has been going from nation to nation CONQUERING and trying to CONQUER, the result of this are KILLINGS/mortality, China against USA, and other divisions all over the place, with peace taking from the earth, which perfectly fit the representations of the FIERY RED HORSE RIDER.

Another result of the CORONA as a CONQUEST VIRUS is that it potentially creates FAMINE(inflations, shortages, scarcities, economic losses, products price crashings, demand and supply wars, deprivations, etc) which is the representation of the BLACK HORSE RIDER we are discussing in this article. Another result of the CORONA is the occurrence of MASS DEATHS all over the place which is what the 4th rider of the horses of the apocalypse represents. So, the CORONA virus features the representative effects of these 4 HORSES RIDERS in the ongoing pandemic.

The BLACK HORSE RIDER is so strong that it has the enabled capacity to make food supplies suffer, it crumbles other supply chains, it can make entire civilizations collapse. The sequencial combination of the WHITE, RED and BLACK HORSES’ RIDERS in our age/era can SHUT DOWN the entire world system and put it in a reactive REBOOT, and after this inevitable reboot, the entire global system is never restored to normalcy, because a NEW ORDER/SYSTEM begins as a result with new policies, new agendas, new decrees, new laws, new practices, new alliances, new fashion, new religious practices, new sectors, new work modules, new academic schedules and curricular, etc changing the entire structure, and economies of the world!

The BLACK HORSE RIDER is a key player in facilitating the ANTICHRIST AGENDA because there’d be massive starvation and/or deprivations all over the earth, but MANkind would fight back with reactive solutions and reliefs in order to combat/beat the BLACK HORSE RIDER which represents FAMINE.

Famine: Strong tool for antichrist

FAMINE is a very strong tool in the Antichrist agenda because it would provide the way for the ANTICHRIST RULE, as hungers and scarcities would play into the hands of the ANTICHRIST and strengthen the Antichrist’s control in the world, that’s why it’s easier for THE BEAST in THE TRIBULATIONS to require the people to take THE MARK in order to “buy” or “sell”! We shall talk more about this when we get to Chapter13 on this series.

The RIDER of the BLACK HORSE has A PAIR OF SCALES in hands which represents global COMMERCE and the ECONOMIC SYSTEM with all of its problems such as corruption, poverty, debt, inflations, unemployment, staff lay offs, global financial losses and economic crunch/downturn, etc. Talk about world economic calamities/crisis which is another TRIBULATION common throughout MANkind’s history, and will continue for the entire gospel age until THE END of it comes!

For us to understand what the phrase “a QUART of WHEAT for a DENARIUS” means, and what “Do not harm the OIL and WINE” represents in Rev.6:6, let’s look at it from another translation.

“And I heard a voice from among the four living beings say, ‘A loaf of wheat bread or three loaves of barley will cost a day’s pay. And don’t waste the olive oil and wine.”

So, from the above translation, we can see that “a quart of wheat for a denarius” simply means a loaf of bread or 3 loaves of bread or just one meal would cost a day’s pay/wage/salary. This is an indication of hardships and severe famine/scarcities and rising prices, and most people would be on SURVIVAL mode in the world, but the luxuries of the wealthy (“oil and wine”) would remain untouched.

“Do not harm the OIL and the WINE” was a statement directly from The voice from the midst of the four living creatures commanding the BLACK HORSE RIDER not to harm the oil and wine which shows that the judgments which pour forth from THE SEALS are precisely under the control of God.

The OIL and WINE represents wealth and luxury, and no wonder why both oil and wine are listed among the COMMERCIAL WEALTH OF BABYLON at the time of her destruction in Rev.18:13.

“Not hurting the oil and wine” therefore indicates the INEQUITY that would prevail in the tribulations; the poor and less privilege would have it extremely hard in terms of survival, while the wealthy and especially world billionaires would not be hurt by the economic and inflationary catastrophy like the poor, so they may not experience serious interruption to their luxurious lifestyle.

In my next article, we’d check out the 4th horse rider of the fourth seal.


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