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Bishop David Oyedepo: 25 Things you may not know about him

by Church Times

Today, Bishop David Oyedepo founder Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel celebrates his 65th birthday. The cyberspace is already agog with wishes for this Omu-Aran Kwara State born servant of God. Here are some information about Bishop you may not have

David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo

  1. To many people Oyedepo is interested in growing his empire. The Canaan land project is believed to be his own way of bringing as many people to his church. But from his messages and interactions Oyedepo seems to be more concerned about growing God’s kingdom. He is often heard encouraging people to stay in their churches and impact those Churches. Our correspondent once stumbled on him preaching at the old toll gate along Lagos Abeokuta express road. He was passionately appealing to his listeners to embrace Christ. He told them specifically they don’t have to be members of his church as there are many churches around that are also preaching the gospel he preaches.
  2. He still goes about doing evangelism on the streets. He is about the only man of God of his status who goes to preach at bus stops and market places.
  3. Some people who are close to him describe him someone who easily gets provoked when things are not done well. This cannot be verified. But his penchant for excellence perhaps make him not to be patient with people who handle work with listless attitude. He is also said to be impatient with people who can’t articulate their needs in a civil way.
  4. He cracks jokes a lot but it does so at unsuspecting times. Sometimes people around him wonder when he is down to earth. But he could easily get busy with work simultaneously. When he gives assignment he does not want a no for an answer. Even if you don’t know how to go about the assignment he wants you to make attempts.
  5. He spends so much time at work and hardly goes to sleep. But he takes a nap sometimes at work. A five minutes sleep for him means a lot
  6. He does not dwell on the negative. Even if the whole world is dying around him he stays focused on his confession. But his faith was tried around 2003 when his wife was sick for about two years. He got to a point he reportedly said whatever happens his faith in God would remain.
  7. He had made some mistakes in ministry too. But he hardly ever talks about the mistakes as he believes it would not bear any fruit. But he places so much emphasis on the giant strides God has used him to achieve in ministry


    Bishop David Oyedepo

  8. Contrary to what many may think, Bishop Oyedepo does not have disdain for Fulani people. From years gone back he has been vociferous about Islamic attack. His church in Kaduna would have been razed long ago but for his doggedness when he was there. While in Kaduna he often dared Islamic fundamentalists. His outburst on Fulani herdsmen who wreak havoc may just be a carryover of his past experiences with religious bigots which he thinks the herders represent. His aggression is against the spirit working in the lives of insurgents and those who persecute Christians unduly
  9. He does not pamper his children. While they were in school they were not allowed to live big. They were not even allowed to handle large amounts of money as their allowance was often kept with a guardian.
  10. In the early days of his ministry, he used to wear necklace. But he has since dropped that. Though he has so much wealth, he does not appear materialistic. He is involved in a lot of charity work which he does not talk about. Many people live in his house per time. He has trained so many people.
  11. 2018 Forbes describes him as the richest pastor in Nigeria. But can that be true? The wealth of the church and the wealth Oyedepo is seen from the outside world as the same.
  12. It is not clear who is original father in faith is: Benson Idahosa or Enoch Adeboye. He seems to be more disposed to Pastor Enoch Adeboye though they don’t share similar belief on some issues of faith. For instance in Winners Chapel, Holy Communion is taken anytime of the day. But Adeboye believes Holy Communion should only be taken in the night since the Bible calls it the Lord’s Supper. But then when Archbishop Benson Idahosa was alive, Oyedepo gravitated to him a lot. Idahosa was quite close to the family and he is reputed to have impacted him a lot. Perhaps since Idahosa has gone to be with the Lord, it is just natural for him to seek another father. Or both Adeboye and Idahosa have equal value before him.
  13. He comes from a mixed faith background. Born on September 27 1954 to a Muslim father and a Christian mother who attended Cherubim and Seraphim Church. But he was heavily influenced by his grandmother. Reports however has it that he became born again on February 19 1969 through the help of Betty Lasher, who was a missionary teacher. This event took place on February 19, 1969. His grandmother used to take him to early morning prayers. He also learnt the art of tithing from her in his younger days before he ever gave his life to Christ.
  14. He is an avid reader. One of the books that influenced him greatly is Onswald J Smith’s book; The Man God uses. He studied Architecture at the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin and also holds a PHD in Human Development from Honololu University, Hawaii.
  15. He along with Idahosa and many other servants of God in Nigeria were protégés to Pa. Sydney Elton the American God used to inspire a lot of Pentecostals in Nigeria. Pa. Elton lived in Ilesha and died in the early 80s


    David Oyedepo

  16. He often talks about an 18-long hour encounter with God during which the vision of Living Faith Church was given to him. This happened in May 1981. The Living faith Church began as Liberation Faith Hour Ministries, in Kaduna
  17. Bishop Oyedepo moved to Lagos, where a new branch was born in September 1989 on the instruction that God asked him to come to Lagos and “raise me a people” The church became popular at his Iyana Ipaja base close to Olorun Adaba bus stop. Bishop himself has a large residential apartment on 21 road of Gowon Estate, Lagos.
  18. Bishop Oyedepo has invest hugely in education. The secondary and primary school owned by the ministry is in many states of Nigeria. The church has two universities. Covenant University and Landmark university
  19. The business acumen of Bishop Oyedepo is unprecedented. In Winners Chapel, Church and business don’t mix. It’s either you get it right or you’re fired from the work environment. The workforce in Canaanland is in thousands. Apart from regular salary earners in the church, there are those who are employed on daily basis to do menial jobs and work on the construction sites. The infrastructure on Covenant University and Landmark universities are simply mind-blowing. The rating of CU as the best in Nigeria by a world rating body may not be out of place.
  20. Unknown to many, Oyedepo did not participate in the design of the 50,000 seater capacity of Canaanland. He made this known in an interview with Dove Television where he said over 300 architects worked on the design of the structure.
  21. Bishop Oyedepo met his wife, former Miss Florence Abiola Akano, when he was only 22 years old according to reports at a motor park.
  22. They tied the knot in 1982. Now, his wife is known as Pastor Mrs. Faith Abiola Oyedepo.
  23. Their marriage has been blessed with four children (David Jr., Isaac, Love, and Joy).
  24. David Jr. and Isaac Oyedepo became pastors after they were ordained by Kenneth Copeland in May 2007. David Jr preachers now preaches at the headquarters of the church in Ota. Many worshippers seem to enjoy his message. Though he does not have his father’s carriage and charisma, many believe he is very good preacher of the word.
  25. Oyedepo does not believe in once saved, saved for ever doctrine. He believes a believer can lose his salvation. He made this known in an interview with Dove Media.



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