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How bad dream stopped me from coming to Nigeria – Sam Adeyemi

by Church Times

Founder of Daystar Christian Centre, Pastor Sam Adeyemi has narrated how incessant bad dreams stopped him from coming back to live in Nigeria after spending time in the US.

Pastor Adeyemi was at a point in the US for years running the church from there.  He came back about a year ago though not permanently. Many thought he chose to live in the US out of his own volition. But that seems not to be the case as a recent interview he had with Channel’s Seun Okinbaloye indicates.

In the interview which is being generously shared on social media, Adeyemi stated that a persistent dream which indicated doom for his family was what made him stay back in the US.

He said just when he was planning to come back to Nigeria, his wife had a dream. In the dream, she traveled to Nigeria and then returned to the US, but the dream indicated danger. “It was a bad dream,”  Adeyemi said.

Shortly after his wife’s nightmare, Adeyemi said he too dreamt and saw that he was attacked when he came back to Nigeria.

“I asked the holy spirit what to do in that attack and he said to me I should shout the name Jesus. I did. I shouted such that it was my shout of Jesus that woke my wife up.” Adeyemi recalled.

At that point, Adeyemi said it wouldn’t be wise to take the issue of the dream lightly. But just to confirm they needed to take it seriously, he had another dream about three hours later on the same day.

He said, “I had never had the same dream the same day just like Pharaoh. That was what happened. It was the same terrible dream. It was a big fight in the dream”

God’s message

At that point, it was getting clearer to him that coming to Nigeria may be a big risk. He said he has been a Christian for 40 years adding that God was sending out a strong warning to him not to come back to Nigeria.

He said he took a step further and told a couple of relatives that he and his family were planning to come back to Nigeria. Just to confirm the perceived reality of the dream the two relatives he called said they were not sure it was the best idea for them to come back to the country.

That finally sealed it. He said he immediately had a Zoom meeting with about 120 leaders of the church and shared the dream with them explaining why he won’t come back to Nigeria soon.

Link with Endsars

Adeyemi was responding to Okinbaloye’s question on the insinuation that he fled the country because of his role in the Endsars protest.

His submission in the interview was referring to a few years ago when he took up permanent residence in the US and never came to Nigeria for about two years.at a stretch. Church Times findings reveal that he has been in and out of Nigeria in the last since 2023.

A member of the church who preferred anonymity told Church Times that many people in the church were taken aback when he decided to relocate to the US.

While expressing some worry about the video, he said, “I don’t feel right about the video. I am wondering why Pastor Adeyemi should make a personal revelation a public piece of news. He had a right to relocate. But saying he stayed in the US because of a bad dream for me is way off.”

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The church member who had also lived outside Nigeria said, “ It was Pastor Adeyemi who kept drumming solidarity for Nigeria. He kept telling us about a great Nigeria and that we should all work towards making Nigeria great.

“Now, the man who has consistently built patriotism in us and that we should make Nigeria great does not live in the country. I remember a few years ago when he was painting the picture of how Lagos will be in 20 years to come and how he encouraged church members to keep hope alive that Nigeria will be great again. But that seems not to be the issue again.”

Love for fatherland

The Church member who confirmed Pastor Adeyemi now  comes in and out of Nigeria said, “I know a few people that have left the church because they can’t reconcile Adeyemi’s message on love for fatherland with his decision to live outside Nigeria.”

Another Daystar member who also does not want to be mentioned sees the development from another perspective. He believes Pastor Adeyemi should be given credit for being open.

He said, ‘”The conversation about Pastor Adeyemi relocating abroad has been going on for about 8 years. He talks about it at every given opportunity. The recent one with the Channels is just one of them. He has been very open about how he runs the church.

“Right now he comes to Nigeria very often. People should also understand that he now runs an apostolic ministry that makes him travel around the world. His ministry is different from Daystar Christian Centre. He runs leadership training programmes for corporations and firms globally. So there is no way he can stay in Nigeria permanently again.’

The Day Stat Member emphasised that ‘the dream issue happened just around the time of COVID and Endsars. And I believe the jinx has been broken since he has been coming to Nigeria. That dream was just a warning for that time. Today, he comes to Nigeria a lot. He is not scared of Nigeria as some people may want to believe. The aspect of the dream that is trending is made to appear as if he does not come to Nigeria again which is not true.’


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