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Ask the Counselor: Is Holy Communion for every one? Why go to the altar after service?

by Church Times


Is Communion for every one?

Is it right to serve the Holy Communion to everybody present in Church on the selected day?

-Celestine O., Ikoyi, Lagos




I am yet to see any Church serve the Communion to the general congregation without first calling out unbelievers that would need to give his/her life to Christ before commencement of  its ministration.

It would be unbiblical for any Pastor to administer Holy Communion to every member of the church without the Altar Call that will lead unbelievers to Christ. In essence, it is not right for any Pastor to administer the Holy Communion to everyone present at a church service.


God bless you.





Why go to the altar after service?


I am personally angered at some actions of brethren in places of worship this end time. More worrisome and annoying are two ritual-like occurrences in the Church that need to be addressed very fast before Rapture

One, after every service, you see members rushing to the Altar,

struggling for vantage positions to kneel & bow on where the Message

was preached, to pray. Why this development? Secondly, why would

members of the congregation who just listened to a Pastor preaching

for over an hour still go sit and queue to see this same man of God after the service?

Kolade E.



Thank you for these twosome questions which to me are exactly what you called them – RITUALS. I do wonder every time I see people involved in the acts stated above and much as I cannot justify both with any Bible references, I see those involved in the acts as kindergartens Christians. More worrisome is when you now see members practically struggling to trace and place legs in the footprints of their Pastors!

These boils down to ignorance, laziness and spiritual slavery from

which only John 8:32 can do the magic in the lives of those concerned. Most people involved in this act are mere miracle seekers with little or no faith. Secondly, they are Sunday-Sunday Christians who neither belong to nor attend the House Fellowship Systems where members’ personal practical issues are better resolved than in the general Sunday worship services.

God bless you.

Can church change a person?

Please in welcoming first timers, is it correct for a Pastor to always say ‘if your Church is not changing you, then change your Church’? I get worried each time I hear such words from a particular handsome teacher of the word whom I admired so much. Please what is your view?

-Mrs. Bunmi Adetayo, Ikeja.




Well, every Pastor has a unique way whereby new members are always welcomed to their fellowships. Personally, in all modesty, I won’t want to categorically agree that people should expect church to change any individual, it is the works of the Holy Spirit in conjunction with the availability and submission of the individuals involved. Changing Church does not change any person because a lizard in Christ Apostolic Church will not become a crocodile if it goes to Daystar Christian Centre.

God bless you.






I am lonely



Sir, please I am a faithful Christian but sometimes I feel unwanted, insignificant and lonely. What can I do and I do I handle such feelings?




Thanks for these questions. I am not surprised some brethren still

experience such emotional feeling moreso at this period when people

rarely have time to read the Bible talk less of spending quality time

to pray. To overcome I suggest you make God, Your Family and your

Church House Fellowship the three closest companions around you. There is no way these three pillars, especially the first, would fail to

assure you of Divine presence.  God’s steadfast love for you is certain – Psalm 139 vs 14-is so emphatic that God cares specifically about each of us, he knows our thoughts, what will come out of our mouth since He planned our earthly existence even before we were born.

He cares for you. You must also appreciate that our relationship with God is by faith not by feeling




Mission houses in Church

Please why don’t present day Churches have Mission Houses where

members could always go to in case of need when Church service is not in session? Secondly, why is it easier for non-Christians to quickly

offer/grant financial assistance for business starters than most Christians?


Bukola Aj…….., Ibafo.






Wao, thanks for these great questions which I know will be bothering

some other brethren too. The first question will be answered more alongside the second one but I must be quick to inform you that some churches still have Mission Houses in place even though modern day development has led to expansion of Missionary works and the Social Media has been of great support in this line. Moreover, the House Fellowship System has taken over the caring and love expected to be enjoyed at the Mission Houses because the Cell is closer to where members live and all members within that neighbourhood shared and enjoyed all blessings together there. This is why we encourage brethren to serve in any Assembly they belong and not to just be ‘Church-goers’ or just Members-bench warmers, but workers who belong to and serve in a Fellowship closer to where they reside.

This helps and support physical and spiritual growth any time the

person is in need. Secondly, to an extent, I disagree with your notion that non-Christians assist people more than brethren. However, it depends on the leadership style and orientation of your church if you attend any. Basically, one major factor of belonging to a local church is to render all-round assistance to the needy in the body of Christ in line with what our Lord  Jesus Christ commanded in the Bible. But then, you do not say because you are a Christian, you sit back doing nothing because brethren shall always provide for your needs. You should make efforts be seen making efforts at doing something and definitely, brethren will rally round to support you. I know many of the new generation Churches that has in place machineries that ensure no member of their assemblies go to bed hungry. The House fellowship System takes adequate and effective care of the

members/families. Acts 5 was very explicit and emphatic about this and it is important we take advantage of  it.


Brethren, please feel free to send your questions to the Counsellor,

through churchnews77@gmail.com or SMS to 08051476622, 07036090333.


Something to Ponder


Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books – especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day,give thanks for your

blessings and pray for guidance every day.  – John Wooden


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