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Amazing twins: What birth has joined

by Church Times

-By Wilson Adekumola
They are identical twins with almost identical destinies. They talk same way. Sometimes they proffer same perspectives to issues that make you wonder if they had met before given the perspectives.
Indeed, Prophet Taiwo Adeyemi and Kehinde Obayemi are two of a kind. Born to the Ogunrindes, a royal family in Emure, Ekiti State over five decades ago the twins are simply incredible with remarkable traits.
But the story of their birth is quite intriguing. Unlike many twins who come in quick succession; they were born in different locations. Taiwo was born in Emure, Ekiti State while Kehinde was born in Owo, Ondo State. When their mother was delivered of Taiwo, Kehinde was wrapped in the placenta and simply refused to come out until their mother was rushed to the General Hospital for possible surgery which eventually did not happen.
They got their call to ministry at the same time, but also in different venue. Ironically, their destinies had been predicted by a soothsayer who was the chief priest of the oracle when they were still in their mother’s womb.
Revealing the peculiarity of their birth, Kehinde Obayemi said, “Our ministerial work was predestined by God. It has been foretold that we would grow up to liberate souls who are under demonic bondage. There was a prophecy during our pregnancy that we would be famous among our family and peers and that we would be light to people through our work.
Ironically the prophecy came through a soothsayer, who was the priest of Ifa Oracle in the community. “Because we were in a royal family consulting oracle was just the normal thing to do. It was in the period of dry season when there was scarcity of water. My mother was going to the stream to fetch water that fateful day when he met the chief priest of the oracle. He stopped her that there was something ominous about her pregnancy.
“His observation led to the consultation of the oracle and she was told she would give birth to famous twins and they would be warriors, leaders and people that would impact lives but the specific profession was not divulged. There was also a coded message which was sent to my father who decoded the message but unfortunately, he could not keep it as a secret.
“As you know, royal house is synonymous with polygamy. Our mother’s rivals got wind of this and they were provoked as they knew the meaning especially when they discovered that my mother would give birth to twins. This kind of thing is common experience for many who came from polygamous families.”
Consequently, when their mother was about to put to bed she laboured for days before she gave birth. “My mother was delivered of my twin brother while I was still in the womb with the placenta. That was why she was referred to the General Hospital in Owo, Ondo State. Fortunately, that was the time the missionaries came and most of them were employed as health workers in the hospital. The medical personnel that wanted to carry out the operation decided to pray first as a Christian. But she had not finished her prayer when both baby and placenta came out without operation contrary to what had been planned.”


The twins and their wives



After their birth their mother got another prophecy that she should not reveal their gender, hence, they were clothed in female attire for three and half years or there about. They told our correspondent that the early years were indeed trying years for them.
On how they became pastors, Kehinde disclosed, “Our pastoral work has been programmed at birth by God. You know when you are born into royal family things like occult and rituals are predominant. Our mother used to worship in Cherubim and Seraphim Church before she changed to Christ Apostolic Church, CAC. However, it takes the grace of God to escape those ungodly activities. But it seemed we were the only ones then not actively involved in those unscriptural things. Our bible-based faith had an influence on us because we took part in church activities.”
They were closer to God. “We loved the Lord from our childhood. The motivating factor was that the first son of my father was a childhood friend of one Bishop Atilade who God used to bring Christianity to our community but unfortunately that my brother died. But to fulfill this mission, when the Bishop came for the burial he ensured that he entrusted the mission to one of our brothers, Oga Oloye as we fondly called him. How to go about it was adequately spelt out before some pastors were sent by the Bishop to join him in the assignment.
“So, when they came we harboured them in our house. Automatically we became their workers. That was how we established our relationship with Jesus Christ.”
Though they became born again in 1974 Kehinde disclosed that their call to ministry came many years after. “In person we were separated for years. I left home for Ibadan then moved to Lagos in the 70s. But in spirit we were still close as whatever I did wherever I was, was replicated where he was.”
When he got to Lagos Kehinde wanted to go to school because of his passion for education but he had to learn automobile mechanics because of the financial constraints he experienced at that time. Besides, the distance between the two of them almost made them to forget each other. But there was this particular incident that has continue to dodge him.
“There was a time I travelled home. On getting there I decided to go and see my twin brother who I was told went to school. As soon as I got to where he was schooling in Emure, I saw the principal and his vice staring at me. I did not know that he was serving punishment as directed by the principal. As I was waiting for him, the students were shouting saying, “Matthew, the principal is coming with cane”. They mistook me for my brother. I just stood there motionless because I was confused and did not understand what they were talking about because both of us were called Matthew right from our childhood.
“After a few seconds information had reached him that I was around, he came to meet me. As the principal was coming he saw both of us and he noticed the resemblance. He said “so you are twins” that was how he changed his mind about the punishment.”
It was a time of sober reflection for Kehinde who recalled that he and his twin brother had always passed through similar path in life. “As I worshipped in several churches before the call of God came, so my twin brother did. The interesting thing about our calling was that I got the call the same time he had an encounter with Christ despite the fact that he was still in the village while I was in Lagos. We had got the call for a long time but we ignored it until prevailing circumstances prodded us to go back to God.”
He notes, “I can tell you categorically that if Taiwo gives you prophecy in my absence and you come to me without knowing, it is still the same thing I will prophesy. You can see that we have so many things in common.”
The clerics suffered some tribulations simultaneously when they declined to work for God. Kehinde who was the spokesman for most of the interview said, “ I was obstinate to the extent that I declined the call and travelled out of the country but I was plagued and tormented with many tribulations that I had to come back to Nigeria. After a while I decided to travel back again but as fate would have it, the person I was staying with had already gone to be with the Lord.”
He fell sick thereafter and was hospitalized for three weeks which looked like three months according to him. “It was on the sick bed I heard God’s voice for three consecutive times. I fell into trance, I saw a big gate where a melodious song was coming out, then I saw a tall old man. I told him to open gate that I want to go but he said go back and do the work you were given. He raised a big cane to flog me saying “surrender”, that was when I woke up and became conscious immediately.”
That experience jolted him to embrace God’s call. “I accepted call from the hospital bed. That was how I surrendered myself for His use. Meanwhile, my twin brother was also passing through the same process simultaneously. It was when we reunited after many years we shared our vision and went to a mountain to pray together.” He narrated
Meanwhile, Prophet Taiwo Adeyemi who ventured into frozen foods business while his twin brother learnt automobile mechanic, said, “We had similar gift and similar call. I also resisted God’s call and I suffered His wrath. Like I told you before, I fell sick that all my frozen foods were destroyed. I became bankrupt that I could not even provide a meal for myself.
“In fact, everything I touched was working against me. That was the major reason I went home to challenge my mother that she was the one behind my misfortune. But when I discovered myself both of us went to pray at the mountain for the way forward. It was when we came back from the mountain I gave prophecy to those two women who were looking for the fruit of the womb and husband respectively. After paying tithe out of the money they gave me I decided to follow Christ without looking back. That was the turning point in my life”. He declared.
The founder and senior pastor of Prayer and Praise International Ministry, Kehinde Obayemi established his ministry in 2006. He started in a flat at Okunowo area before he moved to the church’s permanent site at Ikosi-Ketu, Lagos few years ago with branches in Ikorodu, Mowe, Ogun State and Abuja.
On the other hand, the General Overseer of Day By Day International Ministry, Prophet Taiwo Adeyemi founded his church about eighteen years ago. He started at Adimula Street, Council area, then Authority area before he relocated to the church’s international headquarters in Ejigbo with a branch in Chicago, USA.
They both worshipped in Christ Universal Gospel Church where Reverend Akinwehinmi was the presiding pastor when they got their evangelistic and prophetic call.
The clergymen are happily married with godly children and their wives are well involved in their ministries. They are actively involved in the churches’ administration. They also take it upon themselves to nurture the women’s wing of their husbands ministries.

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God’s wrath, anger and judgement surely is upon wolves in sheep clothing in the name of God called them.
The whole world will hear, see and know of their destructions in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the only and true God!!!

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God’s wrath, anger and judgement surely is upon wolves in sheep clothing in the name of God called them.
The whole world will hear, see and know of their destructions in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the only and true God!!!


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