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African mission: We recorded over 74 million converts in 10 years- Reihand Bonke

by Church Times



 By Gbenga Osinaike

The founder of Christ For All Nations Ministry, Evangelist Reinhand Bonnke has said the ministry recorded over 74 million converts in the last 10 years of his evangelical activities in Africa before he handed over to his successor, Kolenga

Bonnke who was on a live programme on Christian Broadcasting Network recently with Joyce Meyer said his African mission was the high point of his ministry. He told Joyce Meyer that he had known from his youth that he was going to do missions in Africa. “I remember as a young boy the Lord spoke to me in a programme where my father was preaching that I would preach the gospel in Africa”

Responding to a question on how he succeeded during his mission work, Bonnke said, “What helped me all through my mission in Africa was the sense of direction that and courage. I knew where I was going and I knew my calling. What followed after that is courage to do what God wanted me to do.

“When you have courage to do what God wants you to do, He gives you direction as you do it. God acts when we act. Some people have the power but do nothing. That is not how to work with God.”

He told Meyer that he had also found out that “God often gives you things that your human capacity cannot carry. It is also through that when you do things beyond your capacity, God steps in to help. You don’t experience God’s power until you step out in faith. It is when you step out in faith that he perfects your steps and gives you more direction. But sitting in a place and wishing will get you nowhere. My experience in ministry has shown that those who seek the will of God are overrun by those who do the will of God”

Bonnke who spent several years in Africa reaching out to souls; in massive evangelical programmes and crusades urged believers not to allow their weaknesses to stop them from taking giant steps for the Lord.

“I have also found out that my weaknesses attract the Holy Ghost to me. You are only qualified for the help of the Holy Spirit when you are not strong in yourself but you depend on him. He is the one who qualifies us. He leads us from strength to strength.”



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