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Adeboye regrets absence from PFN solemn assembly says, “I can’t afford to miss burial of my deputy”

by Church Times

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has expressed regret for not being able to attend the PFN solemn assembly held today February 7 at the Ecumenical Centre in Abuja in spite of his earlier promise to be there.

Adeboye who addressed the gathering via a recorded video message said he would have loved to be there to join other leaders to pray for Nigeria because of his love for the country.

He regretted however that he could not attend the event physically.

He said he was absent from the meeting because he could not afford to stay away from the burial of his deputy, Pastor Joseph Abiona who passed on recently at the age of 96.

Abiona’s burial ceremony starts today at the Youth Centre of the Redemption Camp.

The RCCG General Overseer however told the PFN gathering that he had earlier solicited for 1000 people to join him to pray and fast for Nigeria for 72 hours non-stop.

27,000 people volunteered to pray

The call according to him attracted 27000 volunteers who joined him to intercede for Nigeria in the first three days of February.

Adeboye ‘s words,  “I am sorry I could not attend despite the fact that I already gave my word to be part of the event. Something happened that I could not help. My deputy was called to be with Lord. He was so loyal to me. There is no way I can be absent from the burial ceremony.

“ I can assure you that the issue of Nigeria is of great concern to me. I have taken some steps before the one that is being taken in Abuja. A thousand volunteers were asked to join me to pray for 72 hours. I got 27,000 volunteers. We have prayed.

We have apologised on behalf of Nigeria

Prophet Isa El-Buba praying at leading intercession at the solemn assembly

“We have apologised on behalf of our nation. We can’t expect Nigeria to repent.  The volunteers repented on behalf of our nation. There were about 27000 of us that stood in the gap for Nigeria. We want you our fathers in the Lord to top it up. We need to do serious praying. I am sure the almighty God will honour you and your prayers will be icing on the cake for Nigeria. Thank you very much.”  

We need God’s mercy-Bishop Wale Oke

Solemn assembly

Bishop Wale Oke at the middle praying

Earlier at the meeting, The President of the PFN, Bishop Wale Oke opened the event acknowledging the supremacy of God in the affairs of men.

Bishop Oke urged the congregation not to rely on their righteousness urging them to be humble before God as they make intercession for the country.

He said all other things may fail, but God’s mercy does not fail. “In mercy, the Lord will prevail over the situation of Nigeria We hand over the meeting to you.” he declared.

The PFN president said the seriousness of the prayer meeting did not call for any form of recognition of dignitaries at the event. He promised that would be done at the end of the meeting.

Pastor Joe Olaiya and Prophet Isa El-Buba were the first two pastors who came up to lead the congregation in a prayer of repentance.

solemn assembly

Pastor Joe Olaiya

Olaiya urged the congregation to confess the sins of the priests, the politicians, the princes and the people.

El-Buba followed in the same direction calling on the church leaders to cry for mercy.

The congregation was in deep agony of heart. They raise their voices pleading to God on behalf of Nigeria to show mercy on our land.

Pastor Williams Okoye called for personal repentance. He urged the congregation to confess their personal faults. Okoye urged them to repent of the diverse ways they have contributed to the dire state of the country.


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