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Adultery Saga: I never had child out of wedlock-Yemisi Iginla, says, “I got born again at six”

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Joshua Iginla: The Story keeps unravelling

Meet Stella Zimasa Ndamase

Meet Stella Zimasa Ndamase wife of Joshua Iginla based in South Africa allegedly troubling the home












Yemisi Iginla, wife of Prophet Joshua Iginla, the founder of Champions Royal Assembly has come out to debunk all the claims by her erstwhile husband claiming that she never had a child out of wedlock as being insinuated by her husband.

In an online video chat which is presently trending , Yemisi said trouble started in her home when one Prophetess Stella, based in South Africa requested that she wanted to share her husband with her, a request she turned down.

In the video she said, “Stella said I was being selfish that if I do not share my husband with her she would snatch him from me. She began to condemn me and say all kinds of things against me.”

While displaying a Facebook chat with Stella, she said,  “It was Prophetess Stella who first came to me and was requesting that I share my husband with her. She was saying all kinds of things and condemning me. She wrote to me one time and said An AS and AS marriage cannot be. The next one was a naked demonstration of God’s love.”

She said further that she never knew the prophetess had a child for her husband. “It was through her update on the social media that I got to know this. I never knew my husband was going out with Stella. The three children I have for my husband are his. He can come up and do the genotype of these children to confirm. Up till November 2018 I asked him if Stella was now my wife. I found out that he could no longer do without Stella. My major pain is that Stella was always with him. I am shocked that he got married to Stella.”

Why apologising to some of her fans for coming out to talk against their advice, she said, “I am talking because of my child’s health status he put out. I have to talk because of my children. I have never been promiscuous in my life. I gave my life to Christ when I was six. All my children are his. Brother Joshua Iginla is my husband but if he says otherwise, God is with us.”

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In another video, Yemisi is heard talking emotionally about her travail stating that she had gone through a lot in the marriage without telling anybody. She told a handful of people that she had had a revelation of what she is presently going through stating that God was making her to go through the trials for a purpose of strengthening those who may have similar situation.

Obviously, Prophet Iginla has been married to two women in the last four years. She had been keeping Stella alongside his estranged wife. The name of the first child Stella had for Iginla is called Rhema. Stella is supposed to be pregnant again.

Yemisi on the other hand has been married to Iginla earlier for 10 years according to sources. The maiden name of the second wife is Stella Zimasa Ndamase. She hails from South Africa. She got married on Oct 2, 2014 to Iginla according to sources

Story by Gbenga Osinaike

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Simon Momoh March 11, 2019 - 3:33 pm

The prophet and his wife issue, I think it should be an internal issue but very embarrassing that calibre of ministers can be doing this, please am begging them to settle it once and for all,.
This is mockery of Christianity.

Philips March 13, 2019 - 2:57 pm

May God heal the union and the home. Those who named the name of the Lord should depart from iniquity.


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