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Why I predicted APC victory-Kalejaiye…says “typing amen to Facebook prayer does not guarantee success”

by Church Times

By Gbenga Osinaike

The Assistant to General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God on evangelism, Pastor Johnson Kelejaiye has given reasons why he predicted that the APC will coast home to victory in the 2015 elections during one of his sermons in 2014; pointing out that Nigeria is currently going through a fasting period.
Kalejaiye who was guest at the programme tagged, The Fathers on Dove Television on Monday December 11 said he was provoked by the preponderance of fake prophets whom he called revenue prophets who were giving false prophecies on the outcome of the election.
He said, “I am not a politician but when God tells me something it will not be nice for me to keep quiet especially when all kinds of characters were saying the wrong thing. If they had said they were predicting the outcome of the election based on some political exigencies it would have been okay. But for them to say they were talking for God or that God told them, was the reason I had to come out to say the mind of God concerning the election.”
While wondering what got into some of the false prophets who allegedly, according to him came from Ghana, he said, “God told me and I shared what God told me. I had to put my calling on the line because I was so certain of what God was saying and there was no need to keep quiet.”
When asked if the present government was doing well, he said, “if the previous government had lived up to expectation there would not have been need for the APC government. What we are going through now is largely because we ate our breakfast and lunch at the same time in the last government. Now we are fasting.”
Kalejaiye who gave insight about his lowly background in the interview said he also had cause to tell Vice President Yemi Osibajo six years ago that he would be in Aso Rock when it was not even certain he would run in the race. “I told the Vice President he would be in Aso Rock and that happened. I had cause to tell a few people they would be governors when they became governors. It is not everything that God says that is meant for the public but there are times he instructs us to talk.”
Earlier in the interview he had expressed reservation about denominationalism and the church system declaring that what should occupy the mind of the Christian is the project of the kingdom. “In most cases people are limited by denomination and the church system but with a focus on the kingdom one would be serving a bigger purpose. The church can only give you assignment that is minimal but when you think of the kingdom of God you are thinking of the global picture.”
He expressed joy in his ability to serve the entire body of Christ pointing out that he ensures that prayers and intercessions are made for all general overseers of churches and missionaries.
He said his service to the kingdom has informed his humanitarian disposition narrating how God has used him to bless lives in some towns and villages. “We have had cause to hold medical outreaches to villages on our bill. We have had cause to intervene in the lives of indigent people helping out with food and other essential items. As a matter of fact, there are large number of people who feed on my bill regularly. I think what we do for humanity is more important than what we do for ourselves. Life is about serving others.”
The evangelist also expressed displeasure at believers who give the devil too much attention noting that they are just being distracted. “I would rather concentrate my energy on knowing more about God than spending time praying against the devil. I know if I am in line with God it will be difficult for the devil to do me harm.”
While calling on church leaders to wake up to the reality of the times he urged young people to embrace hard work and live their lives for God if they are to enjoy good success. His words, “I see some facebook stuff and they ask you to type Amen if you want to be successful. I just laugh. You don’t become successful by typing amen. You become successful by working hard with God by your side. It is mere wishful thinking to presume you will be successful just by typing amen to one prayer on facebook.”
He debunked the notion that life is a gift adding however that life is a loan from God. “We have been taught to believe life is a gift. But that is not true. Life is actually a loan and one day the owner of life would ask for it. We are expected to give account of the loan that we have been given and the owner could ask for it any time. So, going about with the mentality that life is a gift does not make us responsible.”
The well-travelled evangelist narrated how he was tempted by some people noting gifts could destroy a man of God. “I have had cause to turn down gifts from people. A couple came to me several years ago and brought Mercedez benz car. But the Lord told me not to collect it. As I came and I stretched my hand the wife of the man fell down under the power of God. That happened twice I packaged the papers and keys of the car and returned it back to them. I did not get a leading to collect the car gift. There was another case of a man who brought papers for a property to me and said God asked him to give me for my ministry. But God was not asking me to start a ministry. I asked a brother to go help check the property and the man came back screaming that it’s a multimillion naira property. But God did not allow me to collect it. I returned the papers back to the man and told him I was not interested. That is the way God leads. I do not believe I should collect any gift from anybody if I have not been so led to collect the gift.”

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