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Valentine’s Day: Why we don’t believe in it- Wole Oladiyun, CLAM Senior Pastor

by Church Times

The Senior Pastor of Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry Apostle Wole Oladiyun has explained why the Church does not believe in the widely celebrated lovers’ day known as Valentine’s Day

Oladiyun during a session in his church on Sunday, February 14 which is Valentine’s Day stated that the celebration is a fable and should be discouraged by believers urging his church members never to wish him a happy valentine.

He traced the origin of Valentine to Saint Valentine who according to him was imprisoned for conducting a wedding for soldiers in prison who were not supposed to be wedded.

“In the prison,  he fell in love with the daughter of the man who jailed him and disvirgined her. Because of that, he was executed. While he was about to be executed he wrote a letter to the lady he impregnated and signed off with “Your Valentine”

While agreeing that there are different versions of the story, Oladiyun stated that the practice has no Biblical basis and should be discouraged insisting that Christians should express love every day.

He said the fact that the Valentine celebration has become popular does not make it right citing the example of Halloween which according to him is a witchcraft festival but celebrated all over the world.

While quoting several scriptures, Oladiyun enjoined followers of Christ to endure sound doctrine saying love must be expressed unconditionally.

He said there are many evils that come as a result of Valentine’s Day noting that it is a day many are disvirgined, many are hooked to hard drugs, and commit all kinds of crimes.

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Josephine Adekunle February 18, 2021 - 3:54 pm

Imagine, you are telling us not to show love to people ON VALENTINE’S DAY !! Just say you and your wife, if you have one, do not love eachother, and go !! Disrupting people because your marriage is corrupt.


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