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Sex for grade: friends rally round UNILAG lecturer as Nigerians pour invective

by Church Times


 Sex for grade: Friends rally round UNILAG lecturer as Nigerians pour invective


Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu

The Foursquare Gospel Church pastor and lecturer in the University of Lagos, Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu who was indicted in the sex for grade video released by the British Broadcasting Corporation is being jealously trailed and guarded by friends and family members so he would not do something untoward to himself.

There were insinuations yesterday that he attempted suicide. But a close friend of his who spoke with our correspondent anonymously said nothing like that happened.

He however said he was being surrounded by friends and family members noting that it’s unfortunate  he was involved in the atrocity.

The friend who is a Christian said he had cause to rejoice with him for rededicating his life to Christ a few months ago. He said he probably was involved in this immoral act before he finally surrendered his life to God’s pruning and direction.


“I have a feeling that he had that weakness long ago. And I have had cause to rejoice with him when he claimed that he had rededicated his life. It is not unlikely that the amorous acts from his end were the days he was battling with the flesh. You will note that the investigation was over a period of nine months and he most likely was still struggling with the flesh all these while.” said the lecturer.


The lecturer who said he wept when he watched the news said he could not comprehend what really went wrong with him. He said he hopes he is able to tell his own side of the story. “The video we see obviously indicts him. But then there could be some undercurrent that led him to making the advances. But the video is so clear that it is difficult to argue against. I hope he has something to tell the world.”


Meanwhile many Nigerians have invaded Dr. Igbeneghu facebook page. His last post which was in June this year has been shared 150 times with 1400 comments. Many of the comments were directed at his person. Some literally cursed, many abused and wondered how he got to the pulpit. Some whom he taught described him as an intelligent fellow who impacted many students.


One Oke Barry Olawale wrote:

Pastor Boniface Igbeneghu,

I hope, God helps you tonight. I hope he gives you the strength to take that which I am bringing to you in this letter because believe me, this is not a love letter. It is straight from the heart of a man so irritated and he is nauseating because shit eaters like you are still present in our society.


Like a hole in a boat, I want this message to sink in, that is if you still have a storage capacity in your brain. That is if it has not been completely covered by lust and perversion. Well with that belly I see there, I feel you can at least stomach the reality of what is about to hit you!


Now, has it ever occurred to you, that it is for people like you in our universities, that is why we don’t have graduates who can’t confidently write “original copy received by me”?


Do you know, that the likes of you in our schools is what makes Nigerians never consume local rice planted by our agricultural graduates?

Why we can’t fly planes made by Nigerian Engineering students? Why our graduates go back to start kindergarten in schools abroad because they were students who actually never learnt anything because they bought your grades with their yanshes.


How do you raise the microphone bought with offerings of worshippers to your worm infested mouth and sing “hossanah”, “shout amen”, “even speak in tongues” on Sunday and use the same mouth to suck a girl’s breast on Monday just to offer grades?


How do you look at your wife in the morning and confidently tell her “darling I love you” knowing down in your heart of hearts you are bloody liar!


Has it ever occurred to you that It is canker worms like you who have rendered education in Nigeria the structure of a scare crow– gaunt and hungry yet towering above ripening pods?


Your stomach is riddled with weapons with which you have shot depression into these young girls who will rather die than give their priceless bodies to cheap perverts like you.


How do you feed God’s flocks in the day and #fuck them in the “cold room” at night?


What do you tell your children everyday about morals?

About keeping their bodies for it is the Holy Temple of God?

When you are the opposite of what you preach. You claim it’s the devil.


Naaaah pastor.

You ventured into a hide and seek game with sin and it has found you out. Num 32:23.


Leave the devil out of this

You are only suffering the consequences of the choice you made. We all will.


You are a disgrace to men!

A disgrace to the church!

A disgrace to God’s call!

You are a disgrace to******


Reply me. I await!

But another respondent, Ola Mi Layone writes, “Take it easy guys! We all know that what this man was alleged on was unethical. But let’s think. No-one as human is beyond incorrigible act. Just because it hasn’t been opened on exhibition does not mean many are not involved in terrible acts. May the Lord save us from devilish acts. Many people are out there with many degenerative acts but hasn’t been exposed but they’re claiming saint. I pray their own time come shortly Thank God For the #BbcAfricaEye for the courageous work! I think this revolution fight will curb the immoral act #SexForGrade.


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