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Oyedepo under attack for saying Job suffered persecution ‘cos he did not pay tithe

by Church Times

Tithe: Oyedepo under attack for saying Job suffered persecution ‘cos he did not pay tithe


Many commentators have taken to the social media to attack the founder of Living Faith Chapel aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo for saying Job suffered persecution because he did not pay tithe.

Oyedepo had in one of his messages which is being circulated online told his church members that the reason Job suffered losses was because he was not a tither. He said to the church that there was no single place where Job was recorded to have paid tithe. While noting that Job gave to the poor, he said because he did not tithe he did not enjoy God’s protection.

But a popular social commentator, Charles Anwuzie took to the social media to lampoon Oyedepo for making such comment. He said, “Oyedepo said that Job’s blessing was insecure because Job didn’t pay tithe. If this is the man you call PAPA, shame on you. How low can this man take you before you rebel against his mammonic twisting of the Bible.”

Anwuzie said, “I have seen the video and it breaks my heart. He went on to boast about how untouchable he and his church are. Yet, there were poor people in his congregation who may be going through their own JOB-EXPERIENCE. This bishop wasn’t sensitive to their plight.
Shame on you Bishop David Oyedepo. Shame.”

While noting that God restored Job a double fold even when Job didn’t still pay any tithe, he wrote further, “The restoration of Job is a proof that his blessings were never lost but just tested.

“I don’t know who I am talking to this morning… You are going through a testing season in your life just like Job… You have lost everything and you feel like giving up… You heard Oyedepo twist the Bible about Job and now you think that your suffering is because you didn’t pay tithe… I come to you with a good news…. Oyedepo lied… Focus on Jesus… In due time, you will be restored without paying any tithe…. If you want to hear my personal testimony of how I grew my networth without paying tithes, please slide inbox and I will invite you to my private space.

“All you need to create wealth is an idea and a strong partnership… Not tithe paying or seed sowing. Listen to me and not the pastors whose only business are tithes and offering.
My soul weeps at the deception men like Oyedepo has led my people into…. Now when we tell them the truth, they think we are heretic whereas their Papas are the ones who has fed them with poison. God shall destroy all religious evil empires very soon. They will have nothing to boast of again.”

Anwuzie’s comment however drew the ire of many who believed Oyedepo was right in his position. A commentator, Mark Victory wrote, Mr Charles Awuzie, I hope you understand your Bible well, “it is written you that think you stand take heed let’s you fall. Also I think you should watch what you say. Do you need to curse an Elder and God’s anointed in the name of correction. Just an advice.

Another commentator, Yinka Ayobolu writes that Oyedepo was right noting, “Oyedepo is absolutely right. Even Adam fell because he forgot to tithe to Melchizedek…and Moses too. He couldn’t enter Promised Land because of his refusal to tithe”

But the general mood on the social media is that Bishop Oyedepo misrepresented the scriptures. Many wondered what prompted him to make such statement. A handful of commentators however believed it is not right to drag the man of God in the mud for his comments on tithe.

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1 comment

Opadiji October 24, 2021 - 4:32 pm

The Bible is the complete devine document from the All knowing, All powerful and ever present God to mankind.
Let the Bible alone speak.
Tithing was commanded by God to the eleven tribes of Israel i.e eleven sons of Jacob. Sons of Levi ie Levites received from the other eleven tribes because the Levites served as Priests in tabernacle at the time. The priesthood of Levites stopped when the Veil covering the temple was torn in two (Matthew 27:50-51) and the everlasting priesthood of Christ, the son of God commenced, also putting an end to tithing weather Jews or Gentiles.
Adam and eve didn’t pay tithes because God didn’t command them.
Abraham gave tithe only ones throughout his life time to Melchizedek from the spoils of war he fought after resqueing Lot (Genesis 14:14-20).
It is blasphemy for anyone to preach that Job suffered that great calamity because he didn’t pay tithes. A man God personally certified to be blameless and upright which Satan could not dispute (Job 1:8).
If Pastor David Oyedepo has decided to fault the All knowing, All powerful and ever present God making many people to be led astray, by their fruits you shall know them.
The issue is between him and God, Christians, do not be deceived (Matthew 24:4).
The Bible did Not tell us whether Job was a Jew or not, certainly not a Christian.

Let the Pastor answer this question,
No record of Jesus Christ paying tithes, was he crusified because he didn’t pay tithes?
Christians, today God loves cheerful givers (2 Corinthians 9:7) not under compulsion as in (Malachi 3:9) because Jesus Christ is now the High priest not Levites.

The Pastor also have the opportunity to reverse the error he preached in humility because Job was far better than him in God’s rating.


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