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Tithe, offering and firstfruit not obsolete-Pst. Bakare

by Church Times

Tithe, offering and firstfruit not obsolete-Bakare


Serving Overseer of Citadel Global Community Church formerly known as Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare has perhaps for the first time joined in the fray of the debate over tithe, offering and firstfruit

He averred that those religious rituals are not obsolete.

Bakare made his views known during his online broadcast today April 12 stating that only those who are willing and obedient to God’s principles will eat the good of the land.

While clarifying that he was not talking about tithe and offering because he wanted to raise funds, he said from records in the Bible and from his own life experiences those rituals of paying tithe and offering have great dividends.

Giving several biblical references he said Jesus never condemned tithe paying neither did he abolish it.

He also made reference to Mechizedek King of Salem and gave the  Abraham example quoting extensively from the book of Hebrew 7v1-8.

He stressed that whenever the tithe is paid it is to honour God and not because the church wanted money.

He said, ‘When we pay tithe we are not giving God the money because he does not spend money. We are the one who spend money. But God is honoured by our tithe and offering.’

His words, ‘when you pay your tithe you do it with honour. It is the honour that God receieves and not the money.’

He said further that he had lived by the principles for years and it had worked for him declaring that people should not be deceived to not paying their tithes and offerings.

Earlier in his message, he cited the example of the children of Israel, their sojourn in Egypt and how God provided for them and protected them in the time of famine and the plague in Egypt

He said they experienced plenty when the whole world was in famine adding that God can create a Goshen for every believer in the midst of famine and lack.

He however said the principles of God are germane to enjoying the benefits that God gives. ‘the benefits of paying tithe are humongous only if you’re willing and obedient,’

He also cited the example of the prodigal son whom the father killed the fattest cow for because he was happy to see him repent and come back home.

He said the older brother was not happy because he did not know how to access the blessings of the father.

‘The older brother had all along been with the father but he did not know how to access the blessings of the father. So many people are like that’ he said.

He said a great famine is about to hit the world declaring that only those who live by the principles of God will survive the famine.

‘Your survival depends on if God is on your side. How will you survive if God is not on your side. Repent of holding tight to your stuffs. Stop short changing yourself. Set aside all the excesses you have and trust God. If you go on the frolic of your own you will be frustrated.’ he said.

He gave the example of Gehazi.

According to him, ‘Gehazi did not understand the principle of delayed gratification. He collected gifts for the miracle that Elisha did, not knowing that the gifts of God are not for sale. Those who sell anointing oil and kinds of stuffs are offending God.’

He explained further that those who live by God’s principles will experience abundance in this season of lockdown adding that God will give them creative ideas.

Bakare however emphasized that those who defy prophecy, who wallow in sin and who oppress the poor will not experience the blessings of God in this season.


You can watch full message here

Story by Gbenga Osinaike

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Joseph Osifo April 12, 2020 - 12:43 pm

Hmmm. Wonders shall never end. Man is always be man sha.
This religion thing na big confusion. So if you don give God money you deny him honour. How does honoring God make him more of God?
What about those that don’t have all of these as part of their doctrines, so they are not honoring God?
Na only God know who dey serve am.

God is Good April 14, 2020 - 10:32 am

Those are words of a stingy person.. You must sacrifice something to get something..Every Religion accepts one form of offering or the other. It is a fundamental law of the universe and If you can’t appreciate God with your substance then something is wrong.

It is when it comes to given, that is where we always have issues, but when it is time for God to bless us, we are ever ready to receive His blessings.. May God help our heart.

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