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The place of Africa in the End-Time Revival by John Abiola

by Church Times

“As they were on the way, they came across a man named_ _Simon, who was from Cyrene, and they forced him to carry Jesus’ cross”.(Matt.27.32)._

December 21st is a day of fasting, prayer, and repentance for African redemption. An earth-shaking earth-sweeping revival is happening in Africa. Join the millions of voices that would be raised across the continent and beyond in this widely acclaimed annual event. We would raise our voices together in pertinent repentance, fasting, and tears to God for revival in Africa. Africa, it’s your turn to fulfill the prophecy of carrying the gospel of the cross to the entire world.

Without a doubt, has an indelible mark in history. Little do we know of her role in God’s prearranged plan.
We are familiar with the unfortunate stories we have heard about Africa, even stories from our forefathers. But we have failed to vide that in every unfortunate situation or action, there has always been a way of escape or a glimpse of hope. Hence, the situation of Africa. We can’t preclude the past from haunting us but we can prevent the past from rising again. This is what God has for Africa so He decided to momentarily precipitate the future of Africa towards achieving His divine plan.

Mathew 27:32 envisages the fulfillment of God’s intended and prearranged plan for Africa.
It expantiates on the accomplishment of what God has been cooking for Africa right from the days of our forefathers, various scriptures shed light on God’s eye on Africa but Mathew 27:32 is a clear portrait of what God had pre-destined for Africa.

Matt.27:32 “As they were on the way, they came across a man named Simon( an African man), who was from Cyrene( a city in Northern Africa), and they forced him to carry Jesus’ cross.”

The ‘Force’ in the scripture above was steered by God Himself for the accomplishment of His divine plan. It’s like God saying to Africa, “Whether you like it or not, you’ll play a major role in My work of redemption.”
God’s chosen role for Africa is a salient one that focuses more on the salvation of souls, her restoration, and redemption.
Africa is rising again, although history has always had a way of jeopardizing our hope for Africa, notwithstanding, history would eventually come back to carry up the stories of Africa’s upliftment.
It is palpable that Africa would be a tool, a swordbearer in the hands of God in progressing the plan of God for the whole of humanity.

Simon Cyrene

Simon of Cyrene is a metaphor for what role Africa would play in the salvation of all flesh.
Africa is a roadmap upon which God would tread for the emancipation of the whole world from the evil hands of Hell.
The forced aid of Simon of Cyrene shows the forceful deliverance God had accomplished for Africa the fulfillment of His divine plan through Africa, and how they would rise in support of Christ’s death and His redeeming work.

No doubt Africa would lead the world in this coming end-time revival that would bring an unprecedented harvest of souls into God’s kingdom, and even go as far as establishing the Government of the Cross on the planet Earth.

We never can tell if Satan’s glimpse of God’s possible plan for Africa is what has made him fight her to hinder God’s plans for her which was however fulfilled in the person of Simon of Cyrene.

Ever wondered why it was an African man who helped Jesus carry his Cross? Yes, Africa has a role to play in the redemption of the whole world. Christ died for the whole world as seen in John 3:16 but the accomplishment of Luke 3:6 that “all flesh shall see the Salvation of God” and Psalms 22:27-28 “All the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the Lord…” is yet to be completely fulfilled.

So, Africa has been chosen amongst the few to turn the whole world to God. What a great opportunity we have.
We have been in slavery, corruption, and captivity for too long and God Himself has chosen us to support and help in the REDEMPTION of humanity.

In brief, “Africa is a succor to Jesus’ death on the Cross, a hand bearer of Christ’s death, a Bowl holder of Christ’s blood and a treasurer of Christ’s death fruits”.

To our advantage, we are rising from our antiquity and nomadic life into the light of the Cross which is the spiritual tangible revelation of Christ’s identity. “Behold The Lamb of God” who takes away the sins of the world. Fortunately for us, Africa is Christ’s assistance for the complete fulfillment of that declaration. What an awesome privilege bestowed upon us. As I stated earlier, Bible times have revealed God’s plan for Africa long before but Mathew 27:32 fulfills this plan. It is time for us to rise to the fulfillment of our major role.

Mathew 2:13 & 15 gives a more in-depth analysis of God’s plan for Africa. The angel of the Lord told Sarah and Joseph to go to Egypt -North Africa for safety.

WAIT A MINUTE!!!, Simon -African, better still, Simeon called Niger may just be the same man who carried Christ’s cross ( Mark 15:21; Luke 23:26) called Simeon of Cyrene.

In Acts 13, Simon who was nicknamed _Niger_, which is interpreted to refer to a dark complexion or African descent, along with Saul of Tarsus, another African called Lucius and Barnabas were Prophets and Teachers who were participating in the move of God during the time of the Apostles.

From Acts 11-13. In Antioch, we see the first Gentile church. Barnabas and Saul came in to teach a large growing church. It was at this church that believers first were given the name “Christian”. Amid this great revival, the Holy Spirit spoke to them “Separate Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them”.And the Bible recorded that the men laid their hands on them and sent them in their way.

The Miriam perspective

Africa will commission thousands of men for the work of evangelizing the World. In Africa shall rise true prophets, intercessors, evangelists, missionaries, and teachers who have been indoctrinated in the knowledge of the word of God, to teach sound Biblical doctrine and biblical message.
Out of Africa shall arise prophetic intercessors who shall kneel in supplications until the work of the Cross is completely fulfilled.
It is palpable that right from the onset God has always been cooking something spectacular for the continent of Africa. The Bible recorded in Numbers 12: 1-15, “Aaron and Miriam were grieved against Moses for marrying a Cushite woman (African), what followed was a deadly disease; leprosy that struck Miriam.

But, why the sudden strike against Miriam? Let’s elucidate well; Miriam and Aaron were offended against Moses because (in my understanding) on normal ground (concerning norms) it was wrong for Moses to marry a Cushite (African) woman, however, God struck Miriam with leprosy for standing against His plan for Africa.

God already had a prearranged agenda towards Africa but Miriam stood against it and was punished. One writer puts it this way ‘Don’t you know that I am taking a move and Africa must be involved?” Sounds funny, nevertheless, it shows God’s hand on Africa.

Also, little did we know that prophet Zephaniah was a black man (African), he was an inspired prophet who wrote inspired messages and gave warnings to nations.

Zeph.3.10 – My scattered people who live beyond the rivers of Ethiopia will come to present their offerings. The verse above emphasizes Africa’s foreshadowed future, which was manifested in the person of Simon of Cyrene. Ethiopia is a metaphor for all Africa whom God will restore to Him.

It has always been Known in the Old Testament, that God does not accept casual offerings rather offerings considered holy without blemish (Lev 1:3). Therefore God’s word to Africa in the scripture above shows His plan for her restoration. After restoring her on the right track of consecration, they would then lay their offering to God which would be acceptable unto Him. Africa shall be partakers of God’s work of restoration and consecration which will birth reformation.

It’s apparent that God has handpicked Africa and it’s time for her to arise, her antiquity has been lengthy enough, and her spiritual prosperity is now. Africa has been known as a dark continent, but destiny has to take its place, the fulfilment of God’s plan for Africa concerning the action of Simon of Cyrene who helped Jesus with His Cross has begun and Africa is rising and shall arise to proclaim light to the Gentile nations of the world. We all know the significance of that.

She shall be known as a continent of righteousness in fulfillment of the essence of Christ’s death. Sanctity and consecration shall be magnetized in her and she shall rise to proclaim light to all the World.

It is only a matter of time, her glory shall be seen because she helped Christ for the REDEMPTION of the World, her redemption from the clutches of the devil, unclean spirits, and false prophets and teachers is now.

Gen. 41:50-52 gives expression to God’s continued plan for Africa, Joseph married an African woman, Asenath and she gave birth to two children, the first born was Manasseh and the second born was Ephraim.
Matt.1, 2 – Abraham was the father of Isaac. Isaac was the father of Jacob. Jacob was the father of Judah and his brothers.
Joseph was the brother of Judah and his other brothers and Joseph begat Ephraim and Manasseh, this shows that Ephraim and Manasseh were Africans. Gen 41:45-52; and Numbers 13:8-16 show that Joshua was from the tribe of Ephraim, and remember, Joshua was Moses’ successor and Army General. Joshua 1:1-18.

Oh! Out of Africa is rising the Joshua of our time who will strike down mighty kings, conquer territories, bequeath lands, and vineyards and nations. A new army is rising out of Africa that will conquer the powers of Hell, bring unprecedented souls into God’s Kingdom, who will subdue the Government of Hell, and plant the seed of righteousness all over the nations. Amen.

Like a tree with branches

I remember the words of a young poet, Adeshina “African is like a tree that has large branches, branches as strong as an Iroko tree, capable of subduing the webs of Hell, one that links to the whole Earth, her branch shall bring forth fruits and her roots shall sink deep into the soil of sanctity. Her fruits shall taste sweet like biblical truths and she shall sprout out without the aid of fertilizer because she has been planted in the soil that begets Holiness”.

I see Africa surging out boundlessly, on that mountain, she is showing forth her worth, she has helped the Savior of the world with His Cross, Her glory shall rise beyond the expectation of history, and from her shall rise other foreign nations treading on the paths she had trodden upon.

It’s only a matter of time before she shall arise, great gospel preachers of the kingdom are rising, men of spiritual power and understanding who have searched the depths of Knowledge and have taken hold of scriptures, who would be profound and vast in biblical knowledge and Understanding for edification.
What a great opportunity for Africa.”

Also read this: Preparing for the coming revival in Africa that will shake the world.https://www.churchtimesnigeria.net/preparing-revival-africa/

Army of prayer warriors

Africa has been chosen as an end-time generational Army that would carry the message of the Cross to all the ends of the earth, bringing the will of God for humanity into fulfillment.
It is time for we Africans to rise and take hold of our inheritance and see our glory shine forth like the sun.

Reminder: December 21st, 2023 is Africa’s day of fasting, prayer, and repentance for African redemption.
If you have never participated in this annual event, this is an opportunity for you to join millions around the world to cry out to God in repentance, fasting, and prayer for the great move of the Holy Spirit and revival in all African churches, communities, and nations and the diaspora. We are expecting over 500 million across the globe to get involved in these prayers for a minimum of one hour, whether you may be in one, two, or more groups, in a prayer room, office, home, church, or gathering, wherever you are on planet earth. Thank you!

Call for prayer

“Therefore also now says the LORD, turn yourselves to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:_
And tear your heart and not your clothes, and turn to the LORD your God:_ _for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and he repents of the evil.”(Joel 2:12-13)

In every situation, we are faced and confronted with catastrophes that were propelled as a result of sin. When we suddenly become aware of our sins, and the move of conviction begins steering our hearts to His promptings, and we yield to this awareness of our lawlessness, we yield by turning our hearts to God in response to the happening Judgment and impending judgement with fasting, genuine repentance from our sins, and soul heart-cry unto God in intercession and prayer for ourselves, churches and nations e. t .c.

God becomes moved by our sudden change of heart, and our willingness to obey Ps.32.5 – “I acknowledged my sin unto thee, and mine iniquity have I not hid. I said, I will confess my transgressions unto the LORD, and thou forgavest the iniquity of my sin”.

The prayer points

By fulfilling this scripture God whose mercy endures forever begins to respond and revert to us by first dispensing out His agape mercy for forgiveness of sins and then the outpouring of His Spirit and revival becomes evident with immediacy.
Let’s fulfill Psalm 32: 5 by praying these prayers:

(1) Pray for genuine repentance of your sins, then confess and repent on behalf of the church, her leaders, independent ministries, and on behalf of religious impostors who substitute God’s word with their idea and counsel thus robbing their congregation of the privilege of hearing God’s true verdict and on consequences of not been repentant of their buffeting sins. Also weep and lament over the sins, wickedness, and other evils that have plagued Africans and have brought the African continent into captivity, and slavery unto the devil, demons, and idolatry.

(2) Pray that God should pour out His Spirit and power upon African nations for a sweeping revival.

(3) Pray against the spirit of materialism, worldliness, idolatrous worship, religious mannerisms, pseudo-spirituality, and any other deception that has distracted the church from being focused on world evangelization.

(4) Ask God to open the eyes of church leaders so that they may begin to understand God’s burden for their nations, and also ask God to open their spiritual eyes to the revelation and understanding of the Word of God to preach the right message to the people.

(5) Pray that God should begin to raise more intercessors that will stand in the gap persistently and consistently until God pours out His Spirit and revival on the churches, communities, and all nations of Africa.

(6) Pray for the rising of many more men and women of God, who are spiritually intrepid to preach biblical truths to lead the church to a living relationship with God and in raising end-time disciples.

(7) Break the stronghold of polygamy, witchcraft, occultism, politics, greediness, corruption, and other evil vices that have greatly compromised biblical Christianity in Africa.

(8) Pray that the spirit of intense and remorseful repentance, fasting, intercession, and supplication be poured out upon the churches and upon believers to continue to grow stronger in the knowledge of the word of God and righteous living.

(9) Pray to God to frustrate and destroy the plans, purpose, strategies, and programmes of Islamic terrorists that are against the Church and that are currently ravaging African nations. Pray that God should manifest himself to many more of these persecutors through visions, dreams, and revelational words of God.

(10) Pray for God’s Spirit of courage, steadfastness, and faithfulness to possess the persecuted Christians and also pray for physical and spiritual provisions for all persecuted Christians, faithful and tireless servants of God in their various fields.

(11) Pray for faith, perseverance, protection, and grace for all Christ missionaries amid this difficult and severe persecution.

(12) Pray that God will encourage and strengthen all intercessors involved in the possession of nations for Christ and for revival to return the church to Christ in righteousness and holiness. Ask God to sustain and raise both financial and prayer supporters for all full-time intercessors who are at the forefront of the battles over the nations. Pray that God should increase their zeal, strength, and enthusiasm as the long war rages.

(13) Please pray for us: John Abiola, his intercessory ministry, family, revive us again series and supporters.

(14) Pray for yourself: Ask Jesus Christ to save your soul, reveal your role to play in the redemption of Africa and the world, and for the grace to do it and conclude it for eternal rewards.

(15)Give thanks to God for the answer to your prayers of faith and that of hundreds, thousands, and millions of Intercessors, leaders, and believers across Africa and around the world who have prayed together in agreement with the same burden and purpose today. Great is our reward in heaven in Jesus Amen!!!

John Abiola.
Revive Us Again series 90.


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