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Dare Adeboye’s wife speaks on husband @ candlelight procession ..Kunle Ajayi too

by Church Times

Temiloluwa, wife of late Pastor Dare Adeboye has described her husband as a great man of God who truly loved life and was committed to the cause of the kingdom.

She spoke at the candlelight procession for Pastor Dare Adeboye which held at the Redemption Camp on Monday

Temiloluwa however said it would be difficult for her to talk about her husband in few minutes adding that she may have to write a book on him.

She said he was an amazing husband, a disciplinarian, and someone who was given to details.

“There is one thing many people knew him for. You must write a report if he gives you a task. You must also send the report at the time he asked you to send it. It must not be a minute late. He was that meticulous.”

Temiloluwa whose union with Pastor Dare Adeboye is blessed with three children said her husband also loved people to look good.

“He wants you to look good and look smart. He too was always looking smart. He was always smart. Sometimes he would tell me why are you dressing like my mum.”

PD as he was being fondly called also celebrated every milestone in the family according to his wife.

“He celebrated every milestone. He always celebrated everyone. He recalled people’s birthday. He would urge us to get cake, invite those celebrating and celebrate with them. He was that kind of person.

“He loved to help people. He encouraged people a lot. He loved God with all his life. He did not mind giving anything as long as it is God’s work. He loved God,” she said.

While thanking all those who have stood by the family she said, “My husband did a lot even more than those who have been in ministry for more than 35 years. I am proud of him. I thank all those who helped him achieve what God wanted him to do.”

In his tribute, Pastor Kunle Ajayi recalled how Pastor Dare invited him to Birmingham for a programme adding also that he was the first person to take him to a cinema house.

He said Pastor Dare took him out after the programme to watch a film that had a great spiritual impact on his life.



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