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Sunday Adelaja

Sunday Adelaja fights Covid-19, recalls the words of Awolowo

by Church Times

Nigerian-born Ukraine pastor, Sunday Adelaja has taken to his Facebook page to announce his battle with Covid-19.

This is coming barely after 48 hours that he preached about love for killer herdsmen on his YouTube Channel.

Adelaja said on his Facebook page April 4, “As I fight Covid-19, I remember the words of Awolowo, “It is not life that matters but the courage you bring to it”

This post has elicited a lot of goodwill messages on the thread of the post. Many wish him a quick recovery from the virus.

About two days ago, Adelaja had done 30-minute teaching on his YouTube channel calling on Christians to show God kind of love in their response to evil stating that the greatest weapon that they have to fight evil is love.

In the message titled, My response to Fulani herdsmen crisis in Nigeria, Adelaja said,  “The appropriate Christian response is love.  It is the only force that can win. I believe it and I will practice it. Love conquers at the end of the day.”

He said Napoleon Bonaparte once said Jesus was the only person in the history of humanity that fought with the weapon of love. “All other men in history fought battles with weapons of war, but Jesus fought with love. He loved his enemies. He prayed for them. And the whole world bowed to him at the end.

“Roman Empire killed Jesus, but the same Roman empire was conquered later. The empire was brought to her feet by the doctrine of love. The followers of Jesus became rulers of the empire. Love will always win. Hatred never goes far. Love brings lasting solutions,” he said

He pleaded with Christians not to pay evil for evil. “Let us remain Christians no matter what. It is true bandits and killer herdsmen are killing us, but we should respond with love. We should still love no matter what.”

He however explained that loving the killers does not mean we should allow them to perpetuate the evil they commit. “Loving terrorists does not mean we should not stop the evil. It does not equate leave them to carry out their evil. Stop the evil, bring them to justice but still love them. That is the appropriate Christian response to killer herdsmen and terrorists.”

Adelaja then promised to come up with a comprehensive solution to issues of killer herdsmen, kidnapping, and banditry that has been ravaging Nigeria.

By our reporter

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