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Sow seeds for virginity! Pst. Adejumo fires back: “my judgment not in critics’ hands” Attack Adeboye, Oyedepo Ashimalowo, see my wrath

by Church Times

By Our Reporter
Pastor Mrs. Funke Felix Adejumo whose person and ministry have been the butt of joke and vitriolic media attack has come down hard on her critics insisting that God has not commissioned anybody to be her judge and even the judge of several other pastors like Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo who are being derided in the public space.
In a video message which is presently being circulated in the social media, visibly angry Adejumo who celebrated her 34th wedding anniversary on September 8 described those who have taken it upon themselves to deride men of God on social media as threading dangerous path.
The Ondo State based preacher has suffered several media attacks in the last few months over some of her utterances on money seed and offering. In one of the videos Adejumo had boasted that all her children married as virgins urging people who want to tap into the anointing of having chaste children to sow monetary seeds.
While some were enraged by the statement, some believe she could not have meant what she said in the real sense of the words.
She had also said in one of her messages that “if your pastor does not partake of your sweat it cannot be sweet”
In one of the videos where she went to preach at the Covenant Church being pastored by Poju Oyemade, Adejumo had asked for monetary seed of N1million naira from some her listeners saying she did not need the permission of Oyemade to raise such funds.
Some of her other utterances have stirred bitter comments and attack on her person by some facebook preachers. Chief among her critics is Daddy Freeze and a host young internet users. A lady called Mayowa Olaiya had taken to the social media to pour invectives on Adejumo insisting “she is a friend of Lucifer for promoting the money gospel.” She had also raised an online petition against Adejumo soliciting for signatures to ban her from coming to the UK.
In a swift reaction however, Adejumo whose popularity has soared recently for her incisive and biting messages; which some term as bothering more on the mundane warned parents of young people to dissuade their children from being used of the devil so they don’t incur the wrath of God.
She said, “Our cane is not in your hand. My discipline is not in your hand. You cannot rubbish Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the Billy Graham of our time and expect, we his children to keep quiet. Nobody can cow me to submission. Even if men of God err, their cane is not in your hand.”
While urging her listeners not to fight for her she said, “Very soon history will be made. You take Bishop Oyedepo and you hit that man I will eat you raw. You used your mouth against Mathew Ashimolowo I will eat you raw. The best of pastors is taken among men. Please talk to them in the house. God has a way of defending his church. When we say one thing and it hits you what about the many things you have said against people.”
While declaring that no man is perfect she said, “The best of preachers are still men. And when they err they are accountable to God not to any man. Parents should talk to their children and caution them. God has a way of defending the church. Somebody called me brain dead on the internet. With “brain dead” God is using me to gather thousands. With my brain deadness I got a UN nomination. Many things that are counted do not count and many things that count cannot be counted. You cannot afford to disrespect the voices that connect people to God and expect us to keep quiet.”
She noted further that “everything that Christianity represents is being attacked on the internet. The church may be smelling but it is God’s church. The Old Testament represents the prototype of the church. Even when the children of Israel erred God still reproved kings for their sakes. In the New Testament He gave some evangelists, some prophets, some teachers, some pastors and some apostles. If you are not part of the some you better be careful. My discipline is in the hand of God through my seniors not my juniors. You call Pastor Adeboye the Billy Graham of our time anyhow you change his name and you expect us his children not to call you idiot you must be joking.”
Still boiling with anger, the woman preacher declared, “I am a leading woman in Africa. Very soon history will be made and history will record who spoke and who did not.”
Rather than get her critics to tone their criticism, the video which is generously being shared on facebook, Utube and other social media platforms has generated more controversies while those who watch keep pouring vitriol on her.
She had however taken to the social media on September 8 to celebrate her wedding anniversary. She wrote,”34 years of loving and being loved by one of the most secure and Godly men on Planet earth…. My own treasured Felix Aderemi Ishola Omo Oba Adejumo… Haa Jesus na correct!!! This is my most significant gift from the Lord and I remain eternally grateful…”

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Daughter Zion September 27, 2018 - 4:55 pm

This is the most dumbness speech that Pastor Mrs. Funke Felix Adejumo has ever said. She said it with all arrogance, pride and anger, no iota of the gift of the spirit. This behavior just make those criticizing her on social media look like a saint. She did not reference one verse in the Bible to support her points. Who did this to us in Nigeria? Where in the Bible and when did “seed(s)” equals to money? Is she the only one that her children married as virgins? There are many who married as virgins that never made noise or tell the whole world about it nor did their parents tapped into any kind of man-made stupid anointing. In the old Yoruba tradition, females in particular were expected to marry as virgins and if they were found not to be virgins, their families were shamed.

I can only blame those who waste their time listening to this lady that has turned the pulpit to her business office. Those people are too lazy to read their Bible and let the Holy Spirit talk to them. They are all greedy & covetous like her, they want what she has, they want to be like her, be popular like her, speak like her etc. She and others like her have become a distraction in the body of Christ, they are no longer teaching /preaching the word of life that prepares and get people ready for heaven. She already said she will soon buy her own jet, is that what she will use to fly to heaven?

Some people may argue that she does some good things like building a hospital. However, this hospital was not built solely with her own money, many people gave donations or does she have a private business that generated the funds for the building? Also, what is the proportion of money she collects from people that is spent on charitable causes compared to her lavish life style? Let’s remember the widow’s mite that Jesus acknowledged, it was not the amount that the Lord was taking about but the proportion i.e. the percentage of what she gave compared to the total.

So let him that have ears hears what the Lord is saying to the church, the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back very soon. The scriptures encourages us… to work out your own salvation in fear and trembling, no pastor you’ve made a sub-god can do this for you, you will stand alone, all by yourself before the Lord on the last day!!!!!

Rotex February 8, 2023 - 9:01 pm

”Those people are too lazy to read their Bible and let the Holy Spirit talk to them…’Where in the Bible and when did “seed(s)” equals to money? ”
Here is another daughter of the devil pretending to be a ‘daughter zion’. It is no surprise that your own fake bible and fake ‘holy spirit’ failed to show you the chapter and verse in the bible where “seed(s)” equals to money” for it is there in black and white!


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