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significant goliaths will fall in 2018- Adeboye, reveals why RCCG is the most feared church

by Church Times

by Gbenga Osinaike
The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has said significant goliaths will fall in Nigeria in 2018 while also identifying reasons why the church is the most feared church in Nigeria.
He made the observation at the crossover night programme of the church which held on December 31 2017 at the 3 km by 3km church auditorium located in Shimawa, Ogun State.
Adeboye said he was told at a meeting with some top and influential people that the most feared and despised church in Nigeria was the RCCG because of the church’s commitment to fasting and prayer.
He said he was surprised when he was confronted and given that piece of information. He however said such position will not deter the church from its commitment to its prayer and fasting yearly ritual; a programme he said is germane to maintaining victory in life.
The RCCG General Overseer who preached on the topic enforcing your victory, quoting from Deut. 1 v6-8 said it is one thing to have victory, it is another thing to enforce the victory. He said many have been delivered but remain in their bondage because of ignorance of their new status.
While noting that the devil respects a believer who knows the word and applies it, he said, “the word of God is settled. Whenever you confront the devil with the word of God he has no option but to go. Jesus confronted him with “it is written’ each time he came with temptations. So, the believer who wants to maintain victory will do well to always confront the devil with the word of God.”
He identified giving, hard work and confession as instruments of enforcing victory in life adding that “in 2018 we will be more concerned about maintaining our victory in Christ. We are already victorious. We are more than conqueror in Christ. He has won the victory for us. We are to claim it.”
Adeboye who has been criticized over time for his position on giving to God’s work said he was not bothered by people’s criticism. “Let them keep criticizing we will keep prospering and making impact. I remember a young boy many years ago used to give me N1 every week and he would come and tell me that one day he would buy me a jet. Many years after I met this young man in UK and he came to introduce himself to me. He said he was the young boy that was always bringing N1 to me while also recalling his pledge that he would buy me a jet one day. The young man told me he was yet to get to that level but that he had bought a brand new mercedez benz for me and he handed over the key to me. I prayed for him and said God would use him to buy the jet he promised.”
While acknowledging that he was not rich yet as people tend to suggest, he said, “I will be the richest person in the world” He then urged the people to stop asking for small things from God. “Ask God for big things. Stop asking for clothes and small things from God. Ask that God will use you to win a million souls; ask that God will use you to carry out great healings. God is too big for you to be asking small things from him. People classify preachers and they call me holiness preacher. I don’t preach prosperity I live it. I was living in a room many years ago and I was praying for boys’ quarter when God told me he had decided to build for me a city. I live a prosperous life. What you are seeing today is a manifestation of what God had promised long ago.”
On 2018, he said, “in 2018 stubborn mountains will move and many will suddenly realise that their hope in government was misplaced. They will come to that understanding that no government can save them and so will begin to recover lost ground.”
He said further that saboteurs will be displaced in 2018 adding also that, “in Nigeria significant goliaths will fall. Before the end of the year, there will be reigns of hope and all will be well.”


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Olufemi E. A Emmanuel January 1, 2018 - 4:49 pm

The poverty in the Continent, particularly in Nigeria is what makes the so called prosperity messages to thrive. But the bitter paradox is that the more the message is preached , the more poverty ravages the people while only the preachers get richer…. Obviously Christianity has taken a different definition under the GOs and bishops of this time from what it was at the time of the early Apostles.


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