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Repent or fall for the sake of Nigeria, Oyedepo tells politicians

by Church Times

By our reporter


The founder and President of the Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, has warned politicians in the country to desist from divisive tendencies, repent of their evil acts or face God’s wrath

He gave the warning in a prayer session of the church on Sunday in a satellite telecast

Oyedepo who has been critical of all alleged islamisation tendencies of the government noted in the prayer meeting that the politicians have been largely responsible for the trouble in the country calling on them to repent or fall for the sake of the nation.

Many souls according to him have been sent to untimely grave because of politics and selfish agenda. “This nation can’t be one again if it becomes Islamic nation. We need to live in peace and respect the lives of people and their rights to worship. Allow the Christians to go to church, allow the Muslims go to their mosque and let the traditional worshippers do their thing.

“God is giving Nigeria peace, by all means, the peace of those promoting this wickedness, God is taking away, if they refuse to repent. Their supplies shall dry up because Nigeria shall not see war.”

While noting that God remains the creator of the human race he said, “every leader in Nigeria is a caretake and we are to give account of all that we do. Politicians be warned, whether in power or not in power. God is watching over this nation to protect it. When a caretaker starts behaving like a landlord, he will be removed. God is the permanent landlord of the earth.

“The God of heaven has given you authority and power. He has given you might and glory. Pride makes us think that we do not need God. Pride separates us from God. Nebuchadnezzar did not give credit to God, and God had enough. Politicians are not extraordinary people, they only have grace. If they don’t hearken to this warning of the Lord, they will suffer disgrace.”



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