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Renew your preaching tools, Ajose charges missionaries @ Global Mandate Conference

by Church Times

Pastor of Christ Life Assembly, Dr. Emmanuel Ajose has charged missionaries to continually horn their preaching skill if they really want to make an impact in their place of assignment.

 He gave the charge while ministering at the Global Mandate Conference in Badagry on Tuesday, April 18.

 The Global Mandate Conference will hold consecutively in three places in Lagos starting from Badagry to Alimosho and then Lekki from April 17 to 21.

 Ajose whose message was spiced with practical examples of how some global preachers impacted the world around them told the missionaries they can’t afford to joke with their pulpit ministry.

 He said while it is good to preach motivational messages, but it should not form the bulk of the content of a minister’s message.

 “It is good to preach motivational messages, but don’t make it the centre of your message. You need a message from God. You need to wait on God and get a direct message that will impact life. Any preacher of the gospel must have a message, motivate a little but more importantly must minister to the heart of the people.” he said.

 Ajose who began preaching the gospel in 1980 told the missionaries they won’t go far if they don’t have a strong message to the people around them.

“When God called you he gave you a message. If you don’t have a message you will suffer. A preacher must have a message and must take advantage of every occasion to preach. Prepare your message as a global message. The Bible is one, it will work anywhere.” he said.

Rev Toyin Kehinde, his wife, Dr. Shade Toyin Kehinde and other participants at the conference in Badagry on Tuesday April 18


Message must touch the sinner, the saint, and the sick

 He said the message of the preacher must touch the sinner, the saint, and the sick. “We must preach like Elijah who confronted Ahab and his wife Jezebel with their idolatrous acts, preach like Martin Luther, preach like the apostles who said we will rather obey God than man. Preach not because you have to say something but because you have something to say.”

 Ajose emphasised that the missionary must preach in and out of season.

 According to him, preaching is a divine work through which God chooses to bring His word and will to the hearing of the people.

 Giving an example of himself, he said, “Over time I had to horn my preaching skill. I used to preach only in the Yoruba language before, but because I know it would limit me, I had to train myself. I got a teacher who taught me 4 hours  in a week so I could update myself.”

 He recalled, “In the 70s some of us used to sneak out to listen to pastors of churches that had burning messages. They will be preaching and everywhere will be vibrating.”

 Ajose also counseled that pastors need to have people that will intercede for them while they are on the altar. “There are people that should be praying for you while you preach because only your prayer cannot be enough. We need intercessors to pray for us as we preach. The prayer of your wife is also important in your pulpit ministry. It is more powerful than that of 21 prophets.”


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