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Nigerian Church in the face of silent weapons and quiet wars

by Church Times
By Moses Oludele Idowu
“We want to islamise America and Arabise Africa.”
   – Dr. Hassan El- Turabi, chief ideologue of Jellaba- Arab minority rule in Sudan (1999)
“The third of the Arab community living outside Africa should move in with the two- thirds on the continent and join the African Union which is the only space we have.”
  – Muammar Gaddafi at the Arab League, 2001
“If I tell you what I know is happening in Nigeria today, you will no longer sleep.”
     – Gen. T. Y. Danjuma ( Daily Trust, Dec, 21, 2019)
What you don’t know you will suffer for it, as  I have always emphasized. Knowledge has implications and consequences. So too, does ignorance.
  The worse thing is to hold a set of assumptions and belief systems that are not sound – or even outright false.  And to build a whole life, actions and policies on a false philosophies. This is the tragedy of the Church at this time in Nigeria. She is trapped in a mesh of false and illogical views and assumptions and philosophy that are not going to end anywhere in a pleasant place.
   One of the strong beliefs of the Modern Church at this time which seems to run across all denominations is NOISE. We believe in the efficacy of Noise. We must brag about our numbers, our structures, our finances, our universities and arenas and amphitheatres and their sizes. We must appear in newspapers, televisions and social media to show how active we are and how prospering is our cause. A pastor is not doing well enough if newspapers are not talking about him. We crave attention.
  The other day an elected governor – was he really elected? – in one of the Southwest states was being inaugurated and he asked that 1000 pastors should come for the inauguration prayers. Sad to say that many of these rushed to lend the authority of their callings to a false and dubious project.


Aren’t we the followers of the Meek and Gentle Man of Galilee? The Lamb that is so quiet He would never raise His Voice, yet His actions speak and rule the waves and the course of human destiny?

  Yet, as sages and even Logic, tells us, Noise is a sign of weakness not strength. The more you speak and shout, the more you give yourself away and the weaker you become and the stronger your enemies become.
This brings me to my subject: Silent weapons and Quiet wars. There is war, real war. But it takes soberness and deep reflection to even understand and see it. Unfortunately we have been indoctrinated not educated, taught what to think rather than how to think.
  We are in war, whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or “reject it in Jesus Name.” It is a subtle war, yet dangerous and potent.
   The nature of this war is quiet. It is not publicly declared or advertised. The weapons themselves are silent weapons; and because we believe so much in noise and we are given to noise, we are not even aware that a war has been declared against us.


The most destructive wars have been quiet wars. The most daring and enduring wars may not be officially declared. The fact they were not declared does not make it any less a war or diminish its reality.
 A very good example is the Cold War. America and Russia never declared war against each other publicly or even officially. Yet there was war, brutal war, proxy wars on the battlefields of Asia, Africa, Europe and Middle East as Russian weaponry and mercenaries took on American counterparts for a test of will and power. Yet they never confronted each other directly, for obvious reasons.
  You think it was Vietnamese forces alone who defeated Americans? No. It was Soviet Union- backed Vietnamese plus guerrillas trained in the art of subversion and damage. There was no way America would win such a war, in a strange land.
  Ten years later it was the turn of Soviet Union to get its own payback when, against logical advice, it dabbled in Afghanistan. Now it was America’s turn to pay back. And they rallied all Muslim nations and Arabs for a Jihad against Communist infidels supplying them with weapons, training and advice. This was how Osama Bin Laden was created. Russia left Afghanistan with shame having been bloodied and bleeding.
   The economic damage of that war was too much for Russia and 7 years later the Communist empire collapsed with the removal of Berlin Wall.
  Only God knows how many people died as a result of Cold War through proxies. Yet it was a silent war. No physical weapons aimed at each others. Only financial weapons, investment options, subversion, blockages and blockade, economic sabotage and other enemy actions.
   Until one side collapsed or self- destruct, whichever you prefer.
The worse and most lethal weapons are Silent Weapons. You too can prove this. If a lion is let loose on the street of Lagos it is likely going to do some havoc before soldiers or mobile police are called in to take it down with their weapons. At most it might kill some because the roar itself will alarm many people to flee.
   Now look at it this way. If mosquitoes laden with malaria parasite are deployed on a street in Lagos, they won’t make noise like lions and soldiers weapons would be ineffectual, yet the damage they would do will be worse than the lions.
   In 1918 two passengers infected with Influenza virus slipped in to Nigeria through a ship coming from Ghana. The ship was ordered not to disembark until the passengers were quarantined and medically examined. But no one on ground to enforce this. The implication: Before they could act, two passengers carrying a virus of this deadly epidemics slipped into the crowd and entered Lagos.
   The rest, as they say, is history. However by the following weeks they infected a lot of people within few months 250,000 people in the Southern Nigeria alone had fallen.
  Silent weapons.
The most destructive weapons are silent, they don’t make noise. When the atomic bombs landed in Hiroshima and Nagazaki they produced so much sound that many died of deafness and panic rather than injury. So much noise, but not so much damage ( about 100,000) as would have happened if America were to invade Japan ( which would have cost nothing less than 1000,000 lives). Today there are bacteriological weapons that work with air that can be released within a nation and could kill millions within minutes. Yet they make no noise. You won’t hear any sound unlike with atomic bombs.
The most dangerous wars to beware of are Quiet Wars. The most lethal weapons to be afraid of are Silent Weapons.
The enemy who declared wars against you are not your enemies. They are in fact your friends because they at least give you space to prepare and meet them and fight for your honour. The worst enemies, the most dangerous and cruelest adversaries are those who wage wars against you without so much as to declare it.
These are the real enemies. We need a Theology of Enemy. Most of the “enemies” churches pray against today are not enemies. The real enemies are not the ones who fight you, they are usually those who destroy your immunity to even resist and undermine your capacity and resolve to lift a finger to fight. Those who waylaid you on the journey of destiny and prolong your stay in the Wilderness.
These are the real enemies. There are enemies to pray for, there are enemies to pray against. Soon I will teach you how to spot the difference. Unfortunately for Nigeria, it seems to me, that the enemies  of Nigeria have always been in charge of her principal affairs. Perhaps I am wrong. That is why I am not surprised about Danjuma’s words at the epigraph above.
 Now listen, black man is under attack. A race war has been declared against us. I am not asking about your opinions, I am telling you the reality of your situation.
    Okay let me help your imagination. Mauritania was an African nation of blacks. Today it has become a nation of Arab settlers and the black population have been driven away to Senegal through ethnic cleansing – quiet wars and silent weapons. Yet the world has kept quiet about this sordid atrocities because blacks were the victims and Arabs – the same fanatical crooks who complain so much about Jewish maltreatment of Palestinians – are the beneficiaries.
  What of Darfur? How about Sudan where  Arab settlers constituting only 37% of the population are ruling the blacks in perpetuity and having imposed the Sharia ideology.
   That is why you must take notice of what Ghadafi said in 2001. Their aim is to bring the 1/3 Arabs in the Peninsula to come and join their ilks in Africa dispossessing Africans of their lands and space. Their goal: to Islamize America and Arabize Africa. It is not me who said that, their own ideologues have said it. We ignore them at our own perils.
They have their foot soldiers, front troops here in our midst. They have been trained in desert warfare because they are children of the desert. Their only quest is Land, Space…
   Your land of course.
   At this time.
      By all means.
And every action and steps point towards the same direction.
  Why? Is this the hand of Esau and voice of Jacob? Why do they want space and land in every state and only at this time?
   Now churches may begin to pay tax. Or what does a Tax Identification Number stands for? Have you seen the new Marriage Bill? You can no longer wed without meeting some stringent requirements. Yet this bill excludes the Mosques and others. Soon our Sharia- enthusiast and Sharia- compliant Chief Justice of Federation will set the ball rolling for a full Sharia. And a Rubber stamp Legislature waiting to always please the Hegemon, the Lord of the Manor, that dwelleth in Aso Rock, will sanction it.
 Now by January, 2020, Visa on Arrival policy will take effect opening our gates to all Africans to come.  What is happening in Nigeria? Is there a tournament going on or festival that warrants this open- gate policy; at a time of insecurity and woes. Vanguard editorial says the policy pronounced in far away Egypt appears “very suspicious.” I think so too.
   But what can we do? All the sensitive posts are in the hands of Sharia apologists and their “Christian” fellow travelers and “useful idiots”. The courts have been bereaved of their authority.
  The Judiciary, Legislature and the Executive now seems to be the different rungs on the same ladder, so much the same that the men who invented democracy with its checks and balances must now be looking like fools.
    Where then do we go from here?
  First recognize where we are and what is in the plan against us.
   The struggle today is between two competing ideologies, one for Liberty and Freedom, the other for bondage and  slavery.
 It is a struggle  between national liberation, sovereignty and globalism and internationalism. This struggle is now on- going everywhere and in every nation. You can no longer be neutral. You now must stand for something or perish in between.
  It is a Quiet War and Silent Weapons. But the effect is the same: to ruin you and bring you into bondage depriving you of liberty using fringe ideology and religious dogma based on their parochial and bigoted views.
   It is left for you to devise your own way and also fight back this most subtle war, a  stealth Jihad.
   It is your choice. If you had listened to my advise during the last election, we would be talking of something else now. Delays are dangerous.
  It is your choice. Remember Churchill: ” If you fail to change your directions, you will end up where you are headed”.
 However, remember every day, every passing day the options are narrowing. Soon the day comes when there is no option left.
  A word for the wise is enough.

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Note: This is the first in a series of four Sensitization Articles. Others are coming, God- willing.
© Moses Oludele Idowu ( Dec 23, 2019)
  All Rights Reserved

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