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Prophet Adebayo’s day of glory, gets Canadian and African students awards

by Church Times
The Founder of Christ Apostolic World End-Time Revival Ministry (CAWERM), Prophet Olusegun Joshua Adebayo did not see the awards coming. But they came all the same.
The awards came from Canada, from African students and from an institute committed to promoting African culture. The three awards came in quick succession, leaving the prophet dumbfounded.
He was simply overwhelmed when the awards were presented to him at his Lagos Church.
The award from Canada was facilitated by Rev. Dr Olu Aladejebi and his wife Evang Funmi Aladejebi. The couple came from Canada to present the award to the cleric.
They were enthralled by the life of impact of the Lagos-based prophet and felt the only way to appreciate him was to facilitate such honour from Canada. Barely two weeks after the honour from Canada, the African Students Union also gave a lifetime leadership award to the prophet. The leaders of the union were drawn from about seven countries in Africa.

From Left Mrs Omolara Adebayo, the awardee, Prophet Olusegun Adebayo, President All African Students Union, Osisiogu Osikenyi, Vice President, West Africa, All African Students Union, Tapily Huseein El-Hadji and President East Africa Students Union, Anthony Manyara

The Canada Award

Commenting on the awards from Canada, Aladajebi gave an account of how he facilitated the award for Prophet Adebayo. He said it was the good works of Prophet Adebayo and the great impact he has made over the years in the lives of many people known to him that made him push for the honour from Canada.
Aladejebi said at the presentation, “We thank God for what God is doing through our Father in the Lord. We experienced the miracle of God in his life. Our day of testimony is coming. My wife and I thought of what to do to appreciate our father for his great impact on our lives and society in general.
‘We don’t have money. Even if we give him money, it will be spent. My wife and I wrote to the federal government of Canada and also to the Ontario State government. We narrated a lot of things we experienced and the touch of God we received. And we asked that he be recognised in the country of Canada and the state of Ontario.’

Recommendation approved

“The state government and Federal government have approved the recommendation. It is to appreciate the church of God and for the glory of God. Not all churches have such privilege. We give glory and honour to God who gave us the privilege to be able to do this. You are well recognised throughout the world.”
He said further that the awards are a testimony to the cleric’s unwavering commitment and tireless effort in impacting his community. The Federal Government of Canada through the House of Commons is hereby presenting a Lifetime achievement award for global missionary work to you. We look forward to witnessing your continued influence on the community. We like to extend our wishes for the continued success of your future endeavour.”

The African Students award

Days after the Canadian award, The African Students Union gave Prophet Adebayo another award. The representative of the African Students, Antony Manyara while presenting their award to Prophet Adebayo noted that he has lifted many young people.
Manyara who is the East African Students Union President and also President of the Kenya Students Union said, “We are here to thank you, encourage you and position you as an example to others.  We watch your service a lot in East Africa. We wish you come to establish more branches of your Church in East Africa more than in West Africa.
“This award is being presented for your good works, for building men and building Africa. The youth of Africa have benefited a lot from you. We have the challenge of young people going astray. If we can learn from your person, African youth will do well. The president, Osisiogu Osikenyi has given me the grace to present this instrument of gratitude for your selfless contribution to the progress of Africa”

Prophet Adebayo’s response

Responding to the awards from Canada, Adebayo thanked the facilitators and expressed gratitude for the recognition.
He expressed a willingness to continue to project the right values and impact more lives.
While responding to the award from African students, he expressed appreciation to God for being an African. He said, “I bless God that I am an African. All over the world, apart from the children of Israel, Africa is the most blessed continent. The West is using our resources to prosper. China came to the limelight through Africa. The seat of God is in Africa. God speaks to me concerning Africa and the youths.”
He appreciated God for the life of the African students while making a prophetic declaration that one of them would become a president.
His words, “I give God glory for your life. One of you will become the president of your country. It is not of the flesh, it is of the spirit. One of you will become president”
He said further, “God spoke to me that he wants to endow the youths in Africa. God told me many things will be discovered in Africa that will be of global benefit. God said to me Africa will begin to invent some technology that will be different from that of the West.”

Exchange of pleasantaries after the presentation of the award from the All African Students Union


Adebayo recalled an invention by a Zimbabwean and how the West was trying to frustrate the invention.
He warned that some people are after the life of the inventor because they believe nothing good can come from Africa.
He the students to rise and support the cause of technology and give backing to the Zimbabwean who came up with the unique invention of car and aircraft that do not use fuel.
The cleric also used the opportunity to campaign against the Big Brother Africa show. He asked that the programme be replaced with a pro-technology programme that will be of huge benefit to humanity.
“God told me that he has deposited knowledge in Africa. I want to encourage you to move around African countries and discover youths who have technological knowledge.
‘ Youths of African rise for this. Presidents of Africa should stop embezzling the continent’s wealth. Any country that has resources should rather plan to maximise the resources”

 Africa Heritatage Award

Another award received by Prophet Adebayo was the Africa Heritage Award. The facilitator of the award, Mr Damilola Akingbagbihun who unfortunately has passed on described Adebayo as an inspiration to the African continent.
He noted that the cleric is proudly African, always putting on African attire during his public engagements.

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