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Covid-19 disruption: Well Oasis International holds Prayer Conference online

by Church Times

Prayer conference holds online due to covid-19

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Following the disruption caused by the COVID -19 pandemic, the annual prayer conference of Well Oasis International, known as THE RUACH conference will be virtual this year.

The conference according to a statement sent to Church Times will hold on Zoom platform globally on May 2, 2020.

The statement informs that, “Being a virtual Conference does not reduce the importance of RUACH, if anything, it magnifies it and this global edition promises to be one like no other. There are no borders as all tongues, all tribes and nations will be accessing the life restoring breath of God in a season when men struggle”.

“The RUACH Conference is a one-day prayer conference where we come and for six hours, we pray in the Holy Ghost from start to finish. The theme for 2020 is “GALVANIZE”. This conference was birthed out of a prayer meeting we held seven days every month called the seven (7) days prayer time on Facebook. Here, we do one hour from the first to the seventh of every month praying in tongues and interceding for many things”.

Praying in tongues according to the organisers is practiced during the prayer conference because  “Tongues” is the highest form of prayer and it is the purest form of prayer that anyone can engage in. The reason is simple; when you pray in tongues, you pray the mind of Christ; you pray exactly what God wants you to pray. When you pray in tongues you do not pray selfish prayers because the Holy Ghost is the one that is directing your prayer. So most of the times when we pray in tongues, it is the place where we come to actually just really press into God and pray His will for that season of our lives.

“We do believe strongly that the power of God is going to fall that day upon everyone connecting with the RUACH virtual conference, He is ready to move us into deeper things in Him. Whether or not prayer is your thing, once you desire the capacity to pray, then the RUACH prayer conference is where you should be”.

The word RUACH according to the statement means “the breath of God. It is a place where we gather for God to breathe on us anew and afresh and His power come to rest upon us”.

Interested participants can visit www.returnofthehelper.com.ng for registration details or WhatsApp Contact:  +234809 056 3555



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