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“More plagues are coming, we can only pray for God’s mercy -Ekundayo

by Church Times

Plague: More are coming





By Wilson Adekumola

The founder and presiding minister of Harvest Field International Church, Behind Obasanjo Farm, Ota, Ogun State, Rev. Francis Ekundayo has attributed the current COVID-19 pandemic to the sign of end of the age noting that it is a fulfillment of some of the prophecies of Jesus Christ as indicated in the scripture.

He also informed that deadlier plagues are still coming warning that people should get closer to God.

Ekundayo spoke with Church Times in a phone conversation

He said, “COVID-19 is a sign of the end time. It is a fulfillment of some of the prophecies of Jesus Christ. More of these signs are still coming and some of them will be more terrible than what we are facing now. Sincerely, no one expected a pandemic that would cause a lockdown of this magnitude now, though we all understand what the Bible says about the end time and expected the fulfillment of it all including the global outbreak of diseases. It is part of what Jesus had said in the book of Matthew 24:3-8. It is time we grab this reality and prepare towards the coming of Jesus Christ.”

Asked why men of God were not aware of this coronavirus pandemic before its global health emergency, he declared, “What make God superior is that He can do anything without the foreknowledge of man. He can decide do something strange without informing His servants, however, I have the belief that some men of God had received some messages about it but in indirect manner.”

Ekundayo who is unperturbed marking the Easter festivity without his church members for the first time, said “Easter is an annual celebration and many more are still coming. It is not really a big issue celebrating this year’s Easter without the members gathering and I am certain all of them are going on without a pastor because each member of our church is trained to live as a vessel of God. This makes it easy for every family to result to fellowship at home without any stress. The church is already thriving without pastor as individual has now woken up to the reality of the teachings we have been giving and by this, spiritual growth is experienced.” He disclosed.

While urging the church leaders to embrace technology as a new method of disseminating their messages, he noticed that significant changes will occur to church after the coronavirus pandemic.

“In this case, I will implore the church leaders to embrace technology as this will be the best way the church will reach out to individual without having a large gathering of people as a congregation and it will afford the church an opportunity to win more souls for Christ. This is the method most churches have adopted in reaching out to their members in this current situation and I think more will follow suit after COVID-19 pandemic. I have that strong conviction that meaningful changes will occur to church.

The church will be more particular about building and relating with individual or cell groups than just counting the number of people in a single congregation. Now, most pastors reach out to their members through social media. A lot of pastors disseminate their messages through whatsApp, face book, twitter and all that. In fact, the big churches relate their message via satellite. So, we must accept the phenomenon that technology is part of the change that will happen to church after the coronavirus outbreak.” He reasoned.

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The Kogi State born cleric whose pragmatic approach to marital life has brought succor to broken homes, also charged Christians to observe the lay down rules and move closer to God. “I want the Christians to care for the needy in little capacity they can and encourage one another. Let us observe all the lay down rules including our high level of personal hygiene. Above all, we must move close to God most especially in this present situation.” He advised.

Rev. Francis Ekundayo could be reached on: 08062724801


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