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Panam Percy Paul gives scathing prophecy about Nigeria

by Church Times

Celebrated gospel singer, Panam Percy Paul has described what is presently happening in Nigeria as self-inflicted disaster noting that what Nigeria is experiencing today was the mistake of 2014.

Paul who was addressing a church gathering during a recent song ministration in Kaduna said also that those who foisted the present leadership on Nigeria were the people that should take the blame for the woes of the country.

He however prophesied that the present situation in Nigeria will not subsist.

According to the gospel artist, the problem of Nigeria started when people started saying the man at the helm of affairs was the only righteous man in Nigeria who could change the situation of the country.

‘That was where our problem started. How can someone take the place of Jesus.’ he queried adding that the present leadership of Nigeria was not the will of God.

While being careful not to mention the name of president Mohnammadu Buhari, he said, the person in government is like the biblical Saul.

He said God gave the children of Israel some warning about Saul being their king. He said to them that the king would take their land and give it to his kinsmen. ‘And that is exactly what is playing out now’ he said.

He made several comparisons between Saul and  President Buhari.

He however said God is preparing a David to take over from him and that according to what the Lord said to him, in the next 40 years the kinsmen of the present leader of Nigeria will not get to the place of power.

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