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Murder of Winners’ Pastor: Bishop Oyedepo justifies curse on killers

by Church Times

Oyedepo: God cursed. Jesus cursed. Holy Ghost cursed


The killing of Pastor Jeremiah Omolewa, resident pastor of the Kaduna branch of the Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners’ Chapel by suspected bandits has ignited the ire of the founder of the Church, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Oyedepo who was visibly angry while addressing members of his church in a video which has since gone viral poured venom on the perceived killers stating that they had crossed the red line.

This is not the first time Bishop Oyedepo would rain curses on terrorists and bandits in Nigeria. He had in the past cursed Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen in some of the church services; decreeing that they would meet their waterloo.

The recent killing of one of his pastors has however created a lot of concern in the church prompting the Bishop to pronounce curses on the perceived murderers.

Omolewa was killed on his way to Abuja on Sunday, August 4, by some gunmen who also kidnapped his wife and demanded a ransom of N50 million according to reports.

The wife of Omolewa has since been released according to a statement by the chairman of the Kaduna Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Joseph Hayab. Some money was said to have been paid to the kidnappers.

But Oyedepo in his reaction would not be pacified as he rained curses on the murderers without restrain along with his congregation.

While announcing that one of his pastors was hacked down by Fulani herdsmen, Bishop Oyedepo said, “I am speaking as a prophet and not as a pastor. The end of the murderers has come. This evil system called Fulani demons has come to an end in the name of Jesus.

“It is not by force that we live together. Nobody in this land has more stake than me in Nigeria. The church is not begging to live in Nigeria. We have legal and divine right to live in this country.  God curses. In his word the Lord says whoever curses you I will curse. Lord confirm your curse on them.  Jesus cursed the fig tree. Jesus release your curse upon this wicked men. The Holy Ghost curses.  And Paul full of the Holy Ghost cursed Elymas. And he became blind for a season. Holy Ghost curse these evil men. Some children were mocking Elisha. And they were cursed. For mocking the church of Jesus Christ I decree your destruction now. Any authority backing you is cursed. Their generation is cursed. Nobody dares a lion’s cub when the lion is awake. In the name of Jesus whom I serve, every gang up responsible for these wicked men I curse your root forever.”

While urging the congregation to join him in cursing the murderers Bishop Oyedepo said, “Cursed be these murderous Fulani herdsmen, cursed be their generation. In the name of Jesus Christ I cursed. They are out of history. Their leaders are out of existence. There sponsors run dry forever. They will see sand and call it money. Every devil wherever they may be whether in power or out of power the wrath of God catches up with them. Cursed be their root. Cursed be their generation.”

Concluding Oyedepo said, “Thank you Jesus. You touched my son. How dare you. Your charmers can’t help you. I release the curse of God on your charmers. I command waves of insanity over them.” Pointing his hands to those at the service, he said, “anyone that dares any one of you goes down for your sake.”


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