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Ooni’s new bride: Concerns heighten over her faith …How she started ministry at age 6

by Church Times





By our reporter

The new bride of the Ooni of Ife, Evangelist Naomi Oluwaseyi may well be starting a new chapter of her life given her antecedent in ministry and her deep involvement with evangelical work.


Watching some of the video clips of her ministration one is assailed about her prophetic and evangelical calling. Her new role as the wife of Ooni of Ife may well tamper with her commitment to her evangelical work.


Oluwaseyi who is the founder of En-Herald Ministry based in Ondo according to sources began her ministry work at age 6 but then she was not known to the public. The light of God however was made evident at that age as she was said to have delivered several prophecies and was used of God to liberate many from bondages.


The bride who started her public ministry at age 18 in October 2011 has the full support of her mother in all her evangelical endeavours. She does not hide her admiration for her mother, Funmilayo Grace Oluwaseyi.


When her mother celebrated her birthday recently she posted a video clip on her facebook wall celebrating her and showering encomiums on her.


She holds prophetic vigil every last Friday of the month and travels a lot to honour preaching engagements. Her crusade ministry has recorded a lot of successes with testimonies following.


As the wife of the Ooni, one is not yet clear how she will continue with her prophetic calling. There are some concerns in certain quarters if she will make a success of her marriage and ministry given her commitment to ministry work.


A female pastor who spoke with our correspondent said her commitment to Christ may be jeopardized.

“One is at a loss why an evangelist would get herself involved with the palace given the rituals that the place is associated with. I do not think she is genuinely committed to evangelism as it is being made to sound. A genuine preacher will not fall to the temptation of getting involved with the Ooni given the spiritual implications.”


Another source expressed shock at the decision of the Ooni to marry an evangelist. “I am surprised the Ooni settled for the evangelist. The evangelist is being married to Ooni because she is a virgin. This has great implication. What has happened is in consonance with tradition.”



Some have also picked hole in the ceremonies attached to the traditional marriage. One of the pictures making the rounds shows the lady stepping on blood.


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