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Okotie restructuring option

Okotie @64 says present political arrangement can’t birth a new Nigeria  

by Church Times

Pastor of Household of God Church and former Presidential candidate of the defunct Fresh Democratic Party, Rev Chris Okotie has said the present political structure can’t birth a new Nigeria.

 In a statement by his media adviser, Ladi Ayodeji on Saturday, June 17, the cleric expressed concern on a range of issues in the polity insisting that Nigeria can’t make reasonable progress in its present form.

 He said, ” It is hubristic naivety to envisage the emergence of a new Nigeria from a moribund political cocoon corrupted by duplicity, political criminality, and the travesty of the electoral-social etiquette.

 “The current presidential system of governance has again manifested itself as a hydra-headed monstrosity.”

 According to him no matter the outcome of the adjudications of the cases brought before the electoral tribunal by opposition parties, “nothing tangible will be achieved”

 He said Nigeria must be willing and courageous enough to abandon what he called “this circadian rhythm of political disaster and leadership deficit.”

 Okotie said he was fully persuaded that aboriginal democracy is the only way forward.

 “Let us make hay while the sun is still shining. To do otherwise is tantamount to mindless illogicality and clueless ineptitude.

 “At sixty-four (64), I envision Nigeria standing on the brink of the River Jordan anticipating an Aquarian miracle to facilitate our entry into the promised land. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Nigeria will make a way where there seems to be no way. He has heard our cry. He is faithful. Delay is no denial.” Okotie said.

 Rev Okotie assured Nigerians that he would continue to pursue his dream of getting the country restructured to pave the way for Aboriginal democracy.



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