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Nigeria should go back to pre-independence constitution- Femi Emmanuel

by Church Times
The founder of Living Spring Chapel International and Chairman of the Directorate of Politics and Governance of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Pastor Femi Emmanuel has said the only remedy left for NIgeria to get out of the doldrums is to go back to its pre-independence constitutional arrangement
He gave the counsel in a statement made available to Church Times on Monday in response to call for memorandum for a constitutional review by current APC led government.
Pastor Emmanuel said both the Christian Association of Nigeria and the PFN should resist the temptation of sending memoranda for what he called “deceptive constitutional review.”
“It is nothing but deception and a journey in a vicious cycle.  Our call should be to return Nigeria to The pre-indepence constitutional arrangements which is True Federalism.  Anything short of that is merely postponing the evil days and prolonging Nigerians sufferings.
“The present constitution is a fraud. You cannot amend a lie. Those benefitting from the present fraud want it to continue i.e, The Political elites, National assembly members and those in power,” he said.

Don’t play into their hands

The church leader warned that CAN and PFN should not play into the hands of the government.  He  urged them to join forces with other patriots to call for a renegotiated Nigeria.
The New Nigeria according to him will have “six regional autonomous governments each operating separate constitutions to govern their regions, generate and manage their economy, have their regional or state police and run their lives according to their tradition, culture, values and beliefs.”
He said each region will in turn pay a percentage of their resources to the centre for administrative purposes
Pastor Emmanuel said the call for memorandum will yield no result. “What will happen after your memoranda submission is they will constitute a committee, put a few of you there and give you generous allowances or take the submission to The national assembly where debates are resolved by voting.
“North East, North West and North Central have overwhelming majority (part of the established fraud of 1999 constitution) minority will have their say as usual and They ( the majority) will have their way.  Then we are back to square one. Before you finish with all that 2027 election will be here.”
He said further, “Nigeria is a fraud. We are not one nation and will never be.  God never meant us to be one nation. The colonia masters met us as different people, different nations. We can negotiate to be one country but not one nation.
According  to him, “the nation’s economic predicaemtn, insecurity, killings and all other woes that have befallen us  can only be solved by returning to who we are originally and who God created us to be from the beginning.”
He said Nigeria should be ruled as different nations who agreed to stay as one country but governed differently.  “A good example is The United States of America. Different laws, different Police system, different economic activities but one strong country at the centre.
“I repeat anything short of this is a waste of time. PFN should have nothing to do with it. It is a deception.  You cannot complain ones you are a part of it. My humble opinion.” Pastor Emmanuel said.

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