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National anthem, the signs, numbers and their consequences

by Church Times


*(A Message to the Nation of Nigeria)*


Moses Oludele Idowu

“O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” ( Isaiah 3:12)

What you don’t know you will suffer for it. Every act of folly attracts a rod on the back. Every loss of power is presaged by first an act of folly. Evan Roberts said it well: “Display an ounce of folly and lose a tonne of power.”
I have observed one thing about most Nigerians. We seem to talk about everything without first taking the time to understand the things. Talk first and ponder later. It is one of the reasons that Social Media has become among us a market for cheap tales, innuendoes, old wife fables, vitriolic assaults and abuses with little substance in between.

I give a ready example. Three years ago there was a Beauty Pageant and for the first time a hijab-wearing Muslim emerged as the winner. It was the 44th edition and there were 18 contestants and the girl who won was 18 years.
On the basis of this I wrote an article titled *Hijab as the New Face of Nigeria.*

As someone who understands how to read the signs and the spiritual science of numbers I warned that it was a bad omen for Nigeria. Not because a Muslim won but because of what was associated with the numbers. Numbers speak to those who can decode them. It is called Numerology.

[There is the occult aspect of it but there is also the purely intellectual aspect of it since all truths are parallel. For instance Joseph, Daniel, Moses could read any signs and understand omens and auguries but they were not occultists. I am not an occultist, I am an Apostolic Christian, researcher who has studied extensively the History of old-time Christianity and have learned few things from life.]

I warned that the recurrence of the number 18 in three quick succession with 44 is a bad omen for Nigeria. 18 means bondage, 44 means ruination; and all these connected with hijab has terrible connotations. I warned that Nigerians should be careful so this nation would not come into bondage to Islam whose modern appropriation and symbol is hijab.
That was in 2021.

Expectedly, there was an avalanche of responses as people began to tell me that it does not mean that. That I was wrong. And it was Christians themselves who were the loudest rebuking me.
Today I ask you, “Hasn’t that warning come upon you now?”

Today you are under a Muslim – Muslim Mandate, which someone calls “mu-mu” ( a Yoruba term for silly) mandate. Today you are using N90b to subsidise pilgrimage to Mecca. And this year we waited for three days at home as public holidays waiting for the moon to appear. In 21st century.
That is bondage.
That was what the omens, the auguries were saying in 2021 through the Beauty Pageant but we are not a people of understanding.

If Nigerians had heeded my voice then and done the needful we won’t be here today.

“What you don’t know you will suffer for it.”

God does not speak every time by His Voice. Sometimes the nature, atmosphere, the elements, firmament speak on His behalf.
He also speaks through signs. And sometimes He speaks through circumstances and you can decode these through Numerology, if you understand the science of it. Unfortunately, the occult people know this well, but Christians and Muslims rarely do. If you will learn to read the signs, and understand the omens you can avoid many tragedies. Our ancient Yorubas and forefathers even knew them but modern men with university degrees do not.

Here is a an example that you can cross-check in History. On the day that Germany was to go to war against the Allies during the First World War something happened in Germany that was a bad omen. But the leadership did not know what it meant. As they were carrying the statue/ symbol of the nation to the new building constructed it fell and broke. For a nation that was a bad omen. That was not the day to declare or go to war because the signs, the auguries were against Germany. There are good days and there are evil days. A nation must understand these and the leadership must be taught by her spiritual advisers.
Of course you know the outcome of the war. Germany lost and was broken like the statue that day. God gave them a warning, an omen but they could not read it. You need more than politicians in government you also need Daniels, Joseph, Moses, wisemen who understand time and seasons.

On the day Hitler was to go to war against Europe by attacking Poland there was a similar omen as German construction workers were busy when another national statue broke into pieces. Hitler was an occultist and a man of understanding. If he had been told on time he would have known that was a bad day and he would not have gone ahead since he was an eyewitness of similar thing in 1914 during the first incident. But his aides feared to tell him. Germany ignored the signs, the omens and went ahead. You know the end of the story.

Learn to read the signs. Signs do not speak but they convey a message that is crucial for survival. When you approach a traffic signal and it flashes “red signs” you know you have to stop. If you go ahead you could crush someone or be crushed yourself. That is the power of reading the signs correctly.
* If you are going out and a reptile crosses your path, it is a sign, an omen.
* If you are going for business and your wife starts menses that morning it is an omen.
* If a farmer or hunter is going out to work and he sees a snake it is an omen.
Our old fathers understood these but modern men do not – to their own undoing.

Why am I writing this? NIGERIA is about to enter another season of bondage because her leaders do not understand how to read signs and science of numerology.

Follow me and pay attention.

Yesterday at the 25th Anniversary of “Democracy” our National Anthem was changed to the old one. The National Assembly within a matter of few weeks rushed through this important process without asking for inputs from any of us and returned Nigeria to the old anthem. And our President has signed it to law as an achievement.
You need to pity Nigerians under this kind of leadership.

Why does this matter?
Pay attention.

The old anthem was used till 1978 when it was jettisoned for the new. That is for 18 years. Take note of this number (18).
Then in 1978 a new National Anthem was introduced and has been in use till 2024. From 1978 to 2024 you have 46 years. Again take note of this number, (46)

Let us now go into Numerology. What does the numbers 18 and 46 stand for in spiritual significance as per the Science of Numerology? What do they connote? What do they signify?

18 means bondage. For 18 years (1960-1978) Nigerians sang the old Anthem made by colonial overlords and masters symbolising bondage to alien powers. But they broke that yoke in 1978 and made their own anthem. Thus from 1979 Nigeria freed herself from yoke.
Then in 2024 another Pharaoh came that knew not Joseph and returned Nigeria back to the colonial legacy – 46 years after.
What is 46 in numerology? It means “second death”. Spiritually speaking 46 stands for”second death”. This is why I strongly believe that the change of the National Anthem at this time and in this year has nothing positive for Nigeria. Mark my words: it won’t bring any good to Nigeria, instead it will bring woes, bondage, servitude and enslavement.
It is curious why our National Assembly was in a rush to make such a major change without consultation of the people and without a public hearing.
It was a coup but believe me there would be a counter-coup in the days ahead. No one will take me back to second slavery or inflict second death on Nigeria.
Oby Ezekwesli was right when she said she would not sing the colonial anthem but keep to the one made by Nigerians themselves. Neither would I join them too to sing the colonial Anthem.
It will not be in the overall strategic interest and welfare of Nigeria and Nigerians. The Constitution is clear that the primary purpose of government is the welfare of the citizens. So a citizen is free to rebel against a policy that is manifestly hostile to his temporal and spiritual welfare and diametrically opposed to our collective and national destiny.

Those who have access to the leadership of this government should please tell them: *nothing good will come out of this.*
Of course you can insult me as usual. You can abuse me as well.
But in two or three years time I will remind you with this article. Thank God, the Internet doesn’t forget and it doesn’t forgive.

Good morning, Nigerians.

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May 30, 2024
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