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My vision for The Apostolic Church- Uyeh, New LAWNA chair

by Church Times

The new Chairman of The Apostolic Church Nigeria LAWNA Territory, Pastor (Dr) Senior Gabriel Okpako Uyeh has given insight into his vision for the church.

He gave the insight  on Friday December 1 at a press conference in Lagos where he was unveiled along with his Vice chairman Pastor David Oluwasegunota Ajibade.

A statement by LAWNA Territorial Press Secretary/Editor, Pastor Tunde Adebisi informed that Uyeh was making his first public appearance that Friday and that he  has also been appointed as the church’s National Vice President. He took over from the outgoing leader of the Territory Pastor (Dr) Emmanuel Segun Awojide who voluntarily retired.

The appointment of the two new leaders according to the statement took effect from 25th October, 2023.

Vision for TACN

While unfolding his vision for the church, he said “the Lord has laid a burden in my heart to RAISE the standards of the old Apostolic Christianity and identity that most of our youths do not know.

“He has commanded me to raise the banner of holiness through the cleansing of the Temple. You remember that the work of cleansing was one of the major assignments Christ did in the temple while he was on earth.

Uyeh said, “As we prayerfully and by setting lasting policies purify the Church, we will admit righteousness and practical holiness in every ramifications of the Church life. Under my watch there will be no room for tribalism, nepotism, clannishness and materialism. These vises are not what the Early Apostolic Church was known for. So we cannot not give room for these devourers any longer.

Pastor S. G. O. Uyeh the new Vice President, The Apostolic Church Nigeria and LAWNA Territorial Chairman (3rd left) flanked by Pastor S. A. Akolo, the Finance Secretary, Pastor D. O. Ajibade new Territorial Vice Chairman, Pastor (Dr) L. O. Oladele Territorial Administrative Secretary, Pastor J. A. O. Akingbade, his deputy and Pastor N. O. Awojide National Prophet during a press conference held at The Apostolic Church Nigeria LAWNA Territory headquarters, Olorunda Ketu, Lagos

On Nigeria

On Nigeria, he said, “Our nation used to be the pride of Africa. Unfortunately, the economic downturn has left us with no options than to continuously borrow from Nations of the world.

“But I believe that Nigeria will rise again. I see a greater Nigeria ahead of us,” declared Pastor Uyeh whose Church is the first Pentecostal Church in Nigeria and has a wide spread across the globe.

He said that as a non-partisan Church, The Apostolic Church Nigeria has a duty to continue to pray for the leaders in this country, that God should help them to do the right things.

According to him, “Nigerians are asking for good life and that is not too much to ask for. The essence of voting leaders is that they will use the resources of the land to ensure good livelihood for its citizens, through good leadership.

“Sadly, what we hear and see about our leaders is that they cart away our common resources for their personal use. This is condemnable.

On relationship between religion and politics, Pastor Uyeh said that they were different and that his own duty would be to encourage those in politics to do good for the betterment of the society, while The Apostolic Church Nigeria remained committed to praying for the leaders, the nation and the Church, as received from its founding fathers.

“We are not directly involved in politics. That is what the fathers had set down for us, and we are committed to doing it. We pray for the government of the land and the nation every blessed day year round, he said

LAWNA top officials


“He noted that though progress is being seen to be made in curbing insecurity, he appealed to the Federal government to do more to keep the roads safe.

He prayed that Nigeria will rise again to assume her place as an egalitarian society in the comity of Nations. “May the Lord make our leaders in this Nation not only to be religious but to be God-fearing. We have all it takes to rule the world as a Nation.

Church development

He said his administration will sustain and improve on the spiritual and infrastructural development of the Church with the welfare and promotion of ministers given a priority. “We will, as a matter of urgency, create policy framework that will alleviate the sufferings of widows of our deceased ministers in this Vision’, he said.

The Apostolic Church is the first Pentecostal Church in Nigeria and has a wide spread across the globe.

Smooth Leadership transition

On his appointment he said, It is not in doubt that history is again being made with the smooth and divine transition of leadership mantle from the previous administration to this current administration. This is in accordance with Christ’s promise; I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (Matt. 16:18).

He pointed out that over the years the Lord has kept His promise in giving The Apostolic Church Nigeria, LAWNA Territory leaders of His choice, without crises.

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Pastor Uyeh paid glowing tributes to his predecessors from the First LAWNA Territorial Chairman, Pastor S. G. Adegboyega, Pastor I. G. Sakpo, Pastor S. S Jemigbon, Pastor (Dr.) G. O. Olutola, and the immediate predecessor, Pastor (Dr.) E. S. Awojide.

“These fathers all made their various contributions in the development of the Church in Nigeria by empowering both youths, children, women, less privileged and providing leadership that has aided in getting our Church to her current enviable position in the comity of Churches in the world”, he added.

We believe in Divine government

He said that the church believes in divine government and it is the holy spirit that always guide in appointment of leaders. According to him, that is why there is a smooth transition from his predecessor to him without any rancour, bitterness, division or litigation.

Pastor Uyeh pointed out that the church has always been alive to her social responsibility in taking care of the widow, as well as reaching out through the prison ministry to the less privileged and orphans.

He added that the TAC do not conceal any revelation of God from the nation’s leaders as it always reached out to them whenever there was any such to guide or warn them.



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