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Why my marriage was delayed for four years- Gbile Akanni

by Church Times

Founder of Living Seed Ministry, Bro Gbile Akanni has revealed how his marriage was delayed for four years because of his convictions and stance on moral issues.

Akanni recalled in a recent message that the kind of message he listened to while he was a young believer informed his refusal to compromise his beliefs during the engagement ceremony of his marriage.

He said the delay was caused because the family of his wife had insisted that they would need bottles of Schnapp before they could consummate the marriage.

“At the engagement, I thought we had settled the matter that no alcohol would be served and that no chicken would be slaughtered to any ancestor. We got to the engagement, my father-in-law and the men at the ceremony were asking for bottles of schnapps. I looked at my wife and said, Sade are you with me, she said yes. I went to the men and said sirs, not on the account of our marriage that any of you will taste alcohol.

“W stood our ground. I said we had already discussed that Jesus is interested in the marriage and we were not going to compromise.

“They began begging me and they were begging my father-in-law too. After we talked for hours, I said this marriage stands canceled. I said me and my wife have agreed that we could wait for more years. I said I have been working with God 15 years of my life that I would not because of what the family wants,  break my covenant with God.”

When it was obvious he was not going to concede to their demand, an old man came to the rescue. He pleaded with the family members to accede to what he wanted. That was what saved the day.

Gospel was confrontational

Akanni said the kind of gospel preached in those days was a confrontation one. “You will recall that the kind of message we listened to was such that gave us boldness to confront the occult. We would face the elderly people and confront them with the gospel. Then, we told tell them that Jesus had no place for Ogboni. We were bold. The kind of message was such that gave us courage and confidence.”

He said believers then were not many but were effective. “The kind of message we heard in the Scripture Union of those days made us courageous Christians. It is Scripture Union that broke all the tradition in Igbo land.”

Akanni lamented that though there are many who profess to be Christians today the church is being overrun. “Though we are many things are going wrong. We even have brothers in government and they are afraid of talking because they don’t want to lose their job. But I will not say it is their fault. It is the teachings we have that have produced such men. Our churches are no longer confronting evil in the land. All that matters to them is offering.”


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