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Margaret Mayaki: There are demonic armies in Nigeria waiting to strike

by Church Times

By Gbenga Osinaike
There is no noise around her. For Margaret Mayaki ministry work is not about the four walls of the church but about people. And for close to 10 years now, she has been doing God’s bidding reaching out to the broken hearted and giving comfort to the despondent.
So, when God gave her the name, Sanctuary of the Broken Hearted International, the ministry on which platforms she now operates, it was just in line with her burden. But her passion goes beyond the individual. She carries the burden of the nation.
For several years now, her ministry holds quarterly intercession programmes for the nation alongside her commitment to the deliverance of the individual from satanic hold. “The issue of personal deliverance cannot be overemphasized. Many of us have a moral burden because of the background we came from. I am a first-generation Christian in my lineage. I cannot compare myself with those who come from a family where they have a rich Christian heritage.”
It is this understanding that gives us the burden for the deliverance of the individual. She however believes the liberation of Nigeria is more of a burden and concern. “The Lord told me that a lot of blood was shed in Nigeria before independence. He said a lot of blood is still being shed. If God could respond to the blood of Abel that was killed by his brother how much more the blood of several innocent souls that are being killed in Nigeria. We are in the situation we are today because we don’t have regard for human lives. God’s anger is on the land.”
She believes the kind of prayers Nigerians are praying are not the right kind of prayers “hence we don’t get result. God told me that many of our prayers are not from the heart but from the mouth. There is no way God will answer such prayers”
Her ministry which used to operate in the United Kingdom has since been moved to Nigeria on God’s instruction. “The Lord told me that he had called me to Nigeria and that the people he sent me to are in Nigeria. I had to re-locate and I have here for close to three years now. I had to close the church in the UK. In Nigeria I do more of itinerant ministry and run intercessory prayer meetings for Nigeria.”
The truth according to her is that Nigeria is in the grip of the occult pointing out that the situation in Nigeria is not irredeemable. “The solution lies in the hands of the church. If we can speak with one voice we will experience the miraculous. If we can speak with one voice the miraculous will not elude us. The Bible records that the apostles were with one accord when the Holy Ghost came upon them. The bane of the church in Nigeria is disunity. If we get that right all other things will fall in place.”
Mayaki who operates a prophetic ministry told our reporter that the end had come for church leaders who have veered off their track. “The Lord spoke to me last year that some church leaders would be called home because they are beginning to pollute the church with erroneous teachings while some will be called home because they have finished their assignment on earth.”
She believes God is going to raise many women in the prophetic ministry noting however that the devil has taken his fight to the homes of many church leaders. “What we experience today is something that should give everybody concern because the devil is literally living in the homes of many church leaders. Some church leaders are misbehaving because they have had intercourse with the marine world through women. This has been the reason why the church seems to have lost so much authority.”
On Nigeria the Kogi born prophetess said the ruling APC party would be making the greatest mistake if it fields President Buhari for a second term because God has not ordained him for a second term. God has been good to him. He should just honourably go after the first term. The APC should also note that it would experience massive exodus in the next couple of months regardless of the endorsement of the candidacy of President Buhari for a second term.”
Giving a prophetic insight into several development in Nigeria, she said, “The carting away of the mace which is the symbol of authority has grave spiritual implication for the APC. What that simply tells me is that the party has lost authority. The moment that mace was taken away something happened in the realm of the spirit. It is just a matter of time. It will manifest physically.”
The truth that the APC does not want to appreciate is that there is hunger in the land and people are already tired. “There is so much hunger in the land. We should pray that people will not be desiring death. The Lord also told me to tell men to take their place in homes. Men need to take their headship because of the impending calamity in the land.”
She stated that she has not been this concerned about Nigeria. “God has not given us the spirit of feat but of sound mind. But I must confess I have a lot of fear for Nigeria or perhaps a lot of concern if I may use that word. I saw in the spirit that the country was invaded by northern army. The Lord spoke to me to warn the government on the need to protect our borders that the enemies have indeed infiltrated the country. The 36 states of Nigeria have the presence of these demonic armies. They are just waiting to be given the lead for them to strike. The church has to intensify its prayers. We should not think what happened in Turkey can’t happen in Nigeria.”
She also disclosed that she saw that there is a water surge in Nigeria. “There is an impending water surge in Nigeria. I saw houses caving in to water. My worry now is that the reclaiming of the ocean ways in Lekki may portend danger for us if we don’t put it in check. We also need to pray against one major air disaster. Our prayers can avert impending evil.” She said.
While noting that what God had told her many years together are beginning to come to pass she said, “What is happening in Nigeria today have been revealed long ago. It is only new to those who are not perceptive. To the glory of God, the message he has given me has always been accurate. What we need is to stay close to the source of life.”

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