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Living seed church

Leke Adeboye @ Living Seed Church, Ota, preaches on three stages of success

by Church Times
By Kunle Adewunmi

Living Seed Church

Leke, son of Pastor Enoch Adeboye paid a surprise visit to the Ota, Ogun State Living Seed Church of the Redeemed Christian Church of God on Sunday, March 20.
He was on his way to the one-year anniversary of the Sango chapter of the Living Seed Church when he stopped over to exhort worshipers at the Ota Church.
 Living Seed Church (LSC) is a Young adult and Youth movement of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).  
The mandate is to raise believers of character, who are excellent and above all on FIRE for God.
The young Adeboye who seems to be coordinating the movement preached briefly on the three stages of success at the Ota Chapter of the church.
He assured his listeners that they have the capacity to become who God wants them to be if they key into God’s abundant grace and provision.
living seed church

From right, Damilola Akinrimisi, Leke Adeboye, Tinuke, wife of Akinrimisi after the church service

The success perspective

Drawing inspiration from Mathew 13v8, the young Adeboye said there are three stages of success in life.
He said, “The sandy soil is seen at the beachfront. This is a peculiar place. You see coconut trees and funny-looking grass around the beachside. You can play football there.
“Brazilians turn out to be great footballers because they have such terrain in their country and they do a lot of practice on such soil”
He said, however, “On this soil, everything is a struggle. Those who play football on it struggle to run on it.
“There is coconut on this soil and you can get coconut oil from the coconut. But it’s a lot of hard process to get the oil.
“The process is difficult yet, yet it yields some little result.”
On the next stage of success in life, he said, “the clay soil offers another dimension of success. Here you get mud and it could be used to create earthen vessels. It is good soil to rear pigs.
 “You can make money from creating different things. Cups, cooking utensils. But the success rate is still 60%.”

God and the loamy soil

He however said the best soil to work with is the loamy soil which is already rich.
 “It just needs you to bring yourself to it.  It’s the best soil for planting. Anything you bring in multiplies and gives you life. It gives you a 100 percent success rate because it’s already fertile ground.”
 He said the loamy soil represents God in our lives. “God has all we need. If we key into him, we will get undeniable success.
“On the beach, you just have what is okay for you to survive. Same with Clay soil.
 “But with Loamy soil, surrendering your life to Christ makes you stop struggling. In the loamy, you find the other two soil as well. Plus extra.
“This is God. This gives 100% success. Absolutely everything God can give me.”
He later urged his listeners to ask one specific thing from God keying into the 80th birthday request of Pastor Enoch Adeboye to bless his children.
The pastor of the Ota Church, Damilola Akinrimisi expressed great appreciation to Pastor Leke Adeboye for sparring time to visit the church.
He specially thanked him for the insight and the exhortation saying the church has been blessed by his coming

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