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You can’t finish a journey you did not start. You cannot finish the journey you are not willing to embark upon. It is self delusion to talk and talk and not act on your dreams.


One day my Children came to me to help them pluck a particular pawpaw in our compound that they felt was ripe. I took a plank to pluck the Pawpaw. In the process of plucking that particular pawpaw, about two or three others fell along with it – which we thought were not ripe. At the end of the day, the one we originally went for was not ripe. It was the others that accidentally came down that were ripe enough to eat.


Then an insight came to me: The important thing in life is to start the journey – to start the project – to start the business – to begin the process of change. Eventually, we may not get what we really want, but we will achieve many other positive results that we may not have bargained for or imagined.


There is a saying that you may start and not finish, but you cannot finish without starting. It is a blow to our destiny to keep sitting on the fence without making a move. The Bible says, a doubled minded person is unstable in all his ways and will receive nothing from God.


The best way to kill the fear of the unknown is to start that journey. Most of the time, God does not guide us when we are standing still but when we are on the way. The stories of significant changes in the lives of men are filled with “movements”. Abraham moved when he was called to move. Jacob left Laban to pursue his destiny. Jesus went about doing good. He went through the cities and villages, teaching and journeying toward Jerusalem . Paul was always on the move. No wonder he accomplished so much.


Just begin! Make a move. Stop sitting on the fence. Pray and make a decision. Do not allow fear to cripple your destiny. Stop cringing and go for it! Great things are waiting for you if you will dare to make a move towards fulfilling your destiny on the earth. Good success for you!





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