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Itua Ighodalo

Itua Ighodalo @ 60, Laments over Nigeria, tackles Buhari, Tinubu, others

by Church Times

The founder of Trinity House, Pastor Itua Ighodalo has poured his heart concerning the decadence and misgovernance in Nigeria wondering what some people who had led Nigerians sometimes in the past are still looking for in government.

Ighodalo who turned 60 today spoke on Arise Television News yesterday April 5. The clip is posted on Sobo Sowemimo wall on Facebook

He lamented the deplorable condition of Nigerians and Nigeria calling on all to speak up for their liberation.

He said Nigerians know those who are holding the country by the jugular adding that it is time to go to them one by one and tell them to let the people go.

“There are not many of them, I don’t think they are up to 1000. We need to speak to them and tell them, let my people go. We need to go to Aso Rock and tell Buhari, let my people go. If Osinbajo needs to be talked to, we tell him, we need to tell the Chief of Staff. We need to go to all the people working in various agencies in Nigeria that this is the right thing to do in Nigeria and we need to do it.”

Insisting that Nigerians should stop the rhetoric, he said, “We all know the gatekeepers. Why do we have a law in Nigeria that does not allow us to develop our natural resources? There is gold in the ground, there are bitumen and all sorts of resources. The federal government will not develop it and they won’t change the law. We need to them that it is enough.

“Why are we making game with Anchor Borrower Scheme?  People are making money left right and centre; even on vaccination. We need to go to them and tell them it is not right.”

He emphasised that it is time to specifically call out politicians who had ruled one time or the other and stop them from aspiring to political positions again since they did not do well when they were in government.

His words, “We need to take up Bola Tinubu. You want to be president of Nigeria, why do you want to be president. I went to Ajegunle and Bariga the other day, people are living in slums. Nigerians are suffering. People are living on the rubbish heap. And we are running all over the place. Why don’t we develop Lagos and make sure people are comfortable? What are we looking for at the centre?”

Rather than bothering themselves about Nigeria, Ighodalo said the Igbos should deploy all their resources to their region and develop the place and make the place the Dubai of Africa. “Why should they be bothered about Nigeria?” He queried.

The cleric who talked with pain in his voice expressed disappointment at Buhari’s medical trips abroad saying, “Why will president Mohammad Buhari go to London for a medical check-up when many Nigerian medical doctors have been frustrated and have abandoned the country.”

He said but for his age, he would not have forgiven him; wondering why Nigeria cannot put itself together and make its hospitals better. “Can you imagine Biden coming to Nigeria for a medical check-up?” he asked.

He noted that many Nigerians are abroad doing stuff for other countries. “There are about eight Nigerians in the cabinet of Biden doing different things for him, writing his speech, making his policies. If they were in Nigeria they would have been frustrated. It is time to let Nigerians go’ he demanded.

Ighodalo also expressed deep worry over the herdsmen issue saying, it is unthinkable that Nigeria will be talking about herdsmen and cows at this age when the boy pushing the cow ought to be in school to become the Bill Gate and Mark Zukerberg of Africa and the cows pushed into the ranch for us to have a better cow. He said it is unacceptable that Nigeria has about 12 million out-of-school children.

Ighodalo who disclosed that he has had a long interaction with the poor on the streets noted that one of the problems of Nigerians is that nobody wants to talk because of selfish reasons.

He however said he would deploy his time, prayers, and resources to ensuring that those who have had their time as leaders in this country don’t come back again. “They have done their bit they should allow new people with fresh ideas to come in. We can’t continue like this,” he said.

He took a swipe at politicians wondering why they keep piling up wealth. “They pride themselves in building houses in Dubai and London. Why can’t they build houses here in Nigeria and provide jobs for our people? Why go to build in London. We should be sick and tired of these people.”

Story by Gbenga Osinaike

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