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“If Church’s not accountable, we’ll lose  next generation”

Yemi Davids, Prof Ademola Tayo, Funke Amobi, @ CASON 10th anniversary

by Church Times

Senior Pastor and founder of Global Impact Church, Pastor Yemi Davids has said if the present church in Nigeria shies away from being accountable, it will lose the next generation of young people.

He made the observation while speaking at the 10th anniversary of the Church Administrators Society of Nigeria (CASON)  held in Lagos on Monday September 25.

Younger generation

Davids said the younger generation has a tendency to ask questions. “It is unlike our days where we accept everything we are told without asking questions. The younger generation doesn’t just take instructions like that. They want to know the reason for every action. If you ask them to sit down, as they are sitting down, they are asking why you asked them to sit down”

He said the time has come for churches to account for every money in their custody. “If you raise an offering for a particular project, make sure it is that project that you use it for. Don’t divert it.”

According to Davids, the growth of a church is determined by how the church can manage the little it has.

He gave his own example, saying,  “I did a lot of pastoral training but didn’t do much of administration. But over time I have had to embrace good corporate governance.

“The way you manage resources will determine whether God will bless you with much. I started earning N10,000 monthly as a salary even though I am the founder of the church. I have to submit to a structure that determines my salary and allowance.

“Submitting to a structure helps your head to be sane. If I have to spend money outside my allowance, I have to believe God for it.”

Some officials of CASON and the Chairman of Lagos CAN, Bishop Stephen Adegbite at the 10th anniversary of CASON


Pharaoh and Joseph

He compared church administration to the relationship between Pharaoh and Joseph. “The transaction between the overseer and the Church administrator is like what existed between Pharaoh and Joseph. When Pharaoh noticed that God had given grace to Joseph he handed over the running of his government to Joseph. That changed the entire dynamics.”

Davids observed that being a theologian does not make one a great administrator. “That God spoke to you does not mean you have the capacity to manage resources. It takes a lot of humility to accept that. Despite the closeness of Moses to God, it took Jethro to tell him about administration.

“This dispensation will require a kind of Jethro transaction. Moses listened to Jethro and was able to begin the foremost administrative principle which is division of labour. We must look out for the Jethros and Daniels in our midst and respect them.” he said.

He however told church administrators not to abuse the opportunity given to them by their pastors. He stressed that it is in the interest of the pastor to develop an administrative system and put those who are qualified there.

Place of Holy Spirit

Vice Chancellor of Babcock University, Professor Ademola Tayo who also spoke at the event emphasised the need for churches to embrace a proper administrative system. This according to him will make church work easy and pleasurable.

He however warned against extreme organisation that stifles the Holy Spirit. The Babcock VC said the church should not replace faith with management adding that the concern should be about serving the spiritual needs of the community that the church finds itself.

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Deputy Head of Operations, Stanbic/IBTC, Mrs Funke Amobi at the one-day event emphasised the need to use professionals to do strategic assignments in the church

She identified many of the administrative lapses in churches while advising that professionalism is talking about minimum standards.

“It comes often with clarity on how things should be done. There must be a fit. If you will not allow someone who can’t sing to be in your choir, why put people who don’t know about finance to manage finance?

“Churches must have clearly defined goals and take advantage of professionals in their midst. Some of them exist in volunteer terms. Church administration is big on people management. We have to let people know what part of the vision to run with. Write down the job description and define roles. The church must also spell out punitive measures or actions that should be taken if such roles are neglected.” she said.



At the conference, many church administrators testified how CASON programmes have helped to enhance their administrative skills.

President of CASON, Pastor Seyi Oladimeji gave awards to some individuals and institutions that have helped the organisation in the last 10 years. He particularly thanked Pastor Sam Adeyemi, founder of Daystar Christian Centre.

Adeyemi according to him has over the years inspired the organisation. The Day Star founder had delivered an opening remark at the one-day event stressing the need for churches to embrace a proper administrative system.

The chairman of the Lagos chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Bishop Stephen Adegbite had a brief appearance at the event. He urged churches to do things properly. He emphasised that CAN will not allow the government to interfere in the running of the church.

Adegbite added however that, “Churches should also do the proper thing in terms of being transparent. We are the ones to regulate ourselves.”

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