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I did not attack Oyedepo in my article-Poju Oyemade

by Church Times

Pastor of Covenant Christian Centre, Poju Oyemade has described as mischievous attempts by some people to attribute his article as a response to Bishop  David Oyedepo’s position on the lockdown of Churches’

Oyemade had written an article where he explained that the fact that churches were closed down does not stop God from manifesting his glory.

He had explained instances in the Bible where Jesus healed without a formal church service and where some patriarchs of faith did great things outside the Church world.

So many Facebook commentators took  the article as a response to Bishop Oyedepo’s vituperation against the lockdown of Churches’ as against allowing markets to operate

In a Facebook book post today  however  Oyemade explained that the article being referred to was written days before Oyedepo made his controversial statement.

Find below Oyemade’s post this morning

My attention has been drawn to articles going around some websites that an article I wrote on how one can remain effective during these times was written in response to Bishop Oyedepo’s statement on the closure of Churches.

That assumption/inference is simply incorrect.
Facts can easily be verified by checking time-lines. My article was written before Bishop Oyedepo spoke.

I do understand that certain narratives drive traffic to websites and sowing seeds of division does attract attention.
I will like to make it clear and on record that my article was written 48hours before he spoke.

In the article I did emphasise that criticising other ministries and churches operations is not a sign of strength on one’s part so the article contradicts the conclusions being inferred.


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