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Adetiloye told me revolution was imminent in Nigeria- Rev. Abayomi Ajayi

by Church Times

Rev. Abayomi Olusegun Ajayi is the headmaster of Adetiloye Group of Schools. He holds a BED in economics and had worked in several ministeries and parastatals before he came to Lagos . He gives his own perspective on baba Adetiloye

I knew him when I was very small.

Baba Adetiloye was known to me when I was small. When he came we were very small. There was nobody that did not know Adetiloye. I’m a son to a priest. My father who was a priest was always around. I knew him around 73 when he came to look for land to start a cattle farm. He is a leader that is worth looking up to.  He stood his ground on so many issues. He was a leader that commanded so much respect in the nation and the community.

When he retired in 1999 we went to him at home and he shared his experiences with us. About 2010 I went to him at Odo Owa and we were talking about the state of the church. He told me it is only God that can save the church. He said he was still standing on his point that there will be revolution in Nigeria. He had said it once during his active years that I see revolution coming.

What I learnt from Adetiloye

Too many things to learn. He was a Christian of Courage. He was faithful to the last. He was a pillar of faith. When he was in Ekiti diocese he faced so many challenges but that did not discourage him. At the last synod he had in Ekiti, he told them except there was a change that the diocese would not move forward. That was in 1985.

He was a true and honest leader. By the time he was leaving the church, he was almost becoming the poorest. And he was even riding on Volkswagen car even as a bishop in Ekiti.

The school, Adetiloye group of schools was established during his tenure but it was name after him when he retired. This school started as Anglican Nursery and Primary School. I got here and was able to visit him once. We were to bring him here for the anniversary. But we couldn’t bring him. He was very weak by then.

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