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Fellowship group empowers over 120 ladies with skills, starter packs

by Church Times
About 120 ladies have been empowered with skills and starter packs by the Blessed Women Fellowship of the Christian Community Church International Lagos
The skills empowerment initiative which is the seventh of its kind was part of the annual Convention with of the fellowship with the theme, Woman of the Spirit.
The empowered women were trained in six different skills that they could immediately put to use and earn income for themselves. They include wig making, stoning on clothes and beading on clothes, Zobo making, baking, soap making, and digital marketing training.
Apart from starter packs, some of the participants got cash grants to boost their businesses.
This was done with support from our Ireland church, CCCI Arklow, and Mighty Men Fellowship.

Women empowerment is very crucial

Speaking on the initiative, Co-Resident Pastor of CCI Lagos, Bose Abisagboola, said, “It is very important for us to impact the life of a woman. A woman represents a generation and that’s because she’s nurturing the children. She’s nurturing the home alongside her husband and they are together raising generations for God.
“Over time, empowering women has become very important to us because it changes the trajectory of their lives and fulfills God’s purpose for them which is a great deal. That is why we have been doing this for years. This is an opportunity to open women up to the various skills and talents within them. Especially the power of God’s Word to redirect their lives in alignment with His plans.”
Also commenting, the Head of the Blessed Women Fellowship, Mrs Tunrola Babs-Fashola said, “When a woman is empowered, she can do what God has called her to do, which is to be a helpmeet. She can support us financially and emotionally, she can meet the needs of our community. Remember Dorcas in the Bible? She was an empowered woman who gave her best to her world.
“The women that we empower are brought out from the shadows, making them a blessing first to themselves, their families, and their communities. We are doing and will continue to do our best and we believe that the women we have empowered know it in their hearts that they are not a liability to anybody.
“When a woman thinks she is a liability, it affects her identity and she may begin to see herself the way God doesn’t see her. We will tell her, there’s is something in her hands that can bless her, her family, and her community.”
On the second day of the program, Mrs. Ayodeji Megbope, the Chief Executive Officer of No Left Overs encouraged the women on how to strengthen their walk with God and the Holy Spirit.

About CCI

Christian Community Church Lagos is a Lagos Chapter of one of the ministry arms of His Divine Presence Ministry.
His Divine Presence Ministry also known as Christian Community Church was founded by Solomon Omotoso Aroboto on November 21st, 1992 with a divine mandate from God to “shake and change the people through prosperity” through the preaching and teaching of the uncompromised word of God.
 Over the years the ministry has planted churches and fellowships in Nigeria and recently in Ireland.

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