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Shouting in prayer may be an indication you’re far from God- Fada Oluoma

by Church Times

A catholic priest, Rev Fr. Oluoma Chinenye John, also known as Fada Oluoma, has said when believers shout in prayer, it may well be an indication that such believers are far from God in their fellowship with him.

In a Facebook video post monitored by Church Times on October 3, Oluoma noted that many Christians have been deceived to think until they shout God will not hear them.

He said, “When you are close to God, you have no business shouting for him to hear you. If you shout while talking to somebody close to you, people will think something is wrong with you.”

Quoting Isaiah 59, he said, “God’s ears are not too dull to hear, neither is His hand shortened that he cannot save but it is iniquity that is keeping us far from God. People go for prayers and come back nobody understands them again.

“Your voice is gone and you are looking like a yam that was just harvested. What did you go for? Prayer. And the Bible says there is time for everything. But for some, until they shout they have not prayed. And this is even a generation that has microphone. Unfortunately, you are now taught that until prayer is done in such a manner, it will not be answered as if, it is in this generation that God began to answer prayers.”

Referring to the story of Elijah and the prophet of Baal, he said the prophets of Baal were the ones shouting in that encounter. Elijah even asked them to shout louder perhaps their god would hear them. They even went to the extent of using knives on their bodies. When they have now exhausted themselves, Elijah came on the scene and made a simple prayers and fire came down from heaven.”

Oluomo said some people have been shouting from January till now in their prayers as if shouting will bring a solution.

He said, “God is not moved by our shouts. If your God is deaf, no matter how much you shout, he will not hear. You have been shouting for 20 years and yet nothing has happened.

“Peter and John on their way to the temple made a simple prayers and the lame man at the beautiful gate walked. May God return you back to the path of the faithful prayers in Jesus name.”

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K. E. Tiemo October 4, 2020 - 12:02 am

The problem is that some Christians have stopped reading to study the bible and thinking, except to listen to and do what the pastor is saying. It worries me – what is wrong with this generation?

O. O. ODUNUGA October 4, 2020 - 11:30 am

K.E. Tiemo should please made the first sentence clearer. I don’t seem to comprehend it. Thank you.


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