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Europe needs the gospel more than ever before- Adenuga

by Church Times



The General Overseer of Faith Revival Apostolic Church, Apostle Taiwo Adenuga has urged Nigerian missionaries to evangelise Europe

He gave this advice during a session with the Christian Press Association of Nigeria at his Idimu, Lagos office on January 23.

Adenuga who told the association that he has had to begin evangelical work in Germany in the last four years said from what he has seen so far there is a need to intensify our efforts at reaching out to the white people.


He reasoned that it will be unjust and unfair for us to abandon Europe at this moment of their need. “They need help. They need spiritual liberation. If we think of the things their forefathers did for Africans in that they sacrificed their lives for the gospel to reach us we will not abandon them to fate. Many of their forefathers died here in Africa because of the good news they brought. They gave us mission schools and health institutions so they could win our hearts for Christ. Unfortunately Europe has turned its back to the gospel.”


While declaring that three things are essential in our walk: holiness, truth and righteousness, he said, “the average European is truthful. He will not tell a lie. He is also righteous. They live the right way. They do the right thing. What is missing is holiness. Many of them don’t know Jesus who can make them holy. Jesus is the only one who can transform their inner man and make them holy. That is missing in Europe right now and that is why the Lord is leading some of us to that part of the world.”


On his four year sojourn in German, he said, “What I found out is that the people need the gospel. They are thirsty for the truth of the word of God. Right now we have about 100 Germans in the church’s workforce in Germany. That is unprecedented for a country whose people don’t care about gospel. But God is reaching their heart and many of them are getting saved.” He said

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Though the missions to Germany have cost him a fortune he said, “When we began about four years ago, we had to sell many things we have here in Nigeria so we could raise funds; so that we can preach the gospel in Germany. We were careful not to collect money from them because it will be unfair to ask for money from people who are yet to know Jesus. We went there with our own funds. We have been holding crusades there and the result has been amazing.” He said.


He then pleaded with Church leaders in Nigeria to stay away from materialistic quest and channel their energies to evangelism.


“We have schools members can’t attend. This is not fair. It is wrong to use church members’ funds to build schools they can’t attend. We are not doing it right. The church in Nigeria needs to repent and concentrate on evangelism and missions. It is not the will of God for us to build schools and not be able to use that schools to draw people to Christ like the missionaries.” He said.


The president of CPAN, Mr. Bola Adewara thanked Adenuga for hosting the body and expressed the willingness of the body to continue to project the good things that the church in Nigeria is doing. “Our vision is to give expression to the work of God in Nigeria and to educate our readers on the need to imbibe godly values.” He said.



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