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Error teachers are dangerous to global evangelisation-Bode Orekoya@Global Mandate Conference

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Error teachers are dangerous to world evangelization- Bode Orekoya @ Global Mandate Conference

  • Participants at the Global Mandate Conference

Senior Pastor of Christ Image Ministry, Bode Orekoya has observed that the preponderance of teachers of error in Nigeria campuses is a potential evil that will backfire on the church if not arrested in time.
He made the observation today’ at the ongoing global mandate conference where over 200 missionaries are gathered
The conference which began on Thursday February 20  is being hosted by Agape Generation International Church, Mende Maryland, Lagos.
Pastor Orekoya who spoke on the topic, the Macedonia Call, said there is a potential threat to the gospel of Jesus with the way error is being preached with reckless abandon to young people.
He said he encountered a group of young people who confessed to him that the fear of God is lacking among them.
“Many of them are being deceived by the grace message which encourages them to live a reckless life because according to them when they are saved they are saved forever. This is a potentially dangerous gospel which does not encourage any form of right living.” He said.
While noting that such gospel has not helped the gospel, he lamented that the world has successfully crept into many assemblies thereby making Churches to resort.to self effort.
‘Today some churches invite comedians because they feel that is the only way they can grow their church. They have completely relegated the holy spirit.’
Orekoya whose ministry is fully committed to missions said God created man to be a missionary.
“God created man and pronounced certain blessings on man to indicate why he was created. God created every man to be a missionary.  Man was put in the garden of Eden.  But the intention was that man will be producing himself.
‘The reason Jesus died is to ensure that all creatures receive the gospel. Any Church that does not have the programme of bringing people in to become missionaries have missed it. ‘
He however reasoned that missionary activities should not be limited to going to rural areas and far places. ‘
There  are mission fields in the civil service, in our families and our neighborhood. there are mission fields everywhere if we allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us.’
He noted that many churches are lethargic, wondering ‘God used persecution to scatter the church in Jerusalem so the gospel can spread. Must we now pray that persecution should come upon us so that we can scatter and spread the gospel?
‘Paul did not miss it like his forbears because he relied heavily on the Holy Spirit. There is an arrangement in heaven on how things should go. We have a lot of big men who have become the holy spirit. If God ask them to go and preach to a church of 10 people they are reluctant because they feel such congregation can’t be for them.
‘We are not hearing the Macedonia call because we don’t hear from God. A lot of things are happening in the church. We are building Churches that Jesus can’t come’
On the way forward he said there is a need for a well coordinated continued teaching on the importance of cooperation among ourselves.
‘There is a systemic evil in the world and one of the ways to tackle such evil is to have a network of people who cooperate and agree on same goal of evangelization.’

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