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Emokpae appointed Foursquare’s first president in Trinidad & Tobago

by Church Times

Foursquare International Church has spread its evangelical net to Trinidad and Tobago while also appointing a Nigerian, Dr. Osaren Emokpae as the pioneer president and National Leader of the Church in the country.

This is following the plans of Foursquare to formally establish its first Church in Princess Town in the multi-island country.

 Trinidad and Tobago whose capital is Port of Spain got independence from the United Kingdom in 1962. It became a republic in 1976. It is reputed by the World Bank to have the third highest GDP per capita in the Americas and is thus recognised as a high-income economy. 

 Emokpae’s election came shortly after a successful International Mission Conference in Trinidad.

 In his maiden address after his election, Emokpae said the covering over Trinidad and some other Caribbean countries is about to be removed and destroyed by the Holy Spirit.

 He said as leader of the Foursquare Church in that country, he would focus on the inclusive ministry of total man on the word of God, prayer, and institutions.

 According to him, “Good news will be accompanied by good works. We will take the gospel to the homeless, youths, and those without hope, showing them that God loves them. “

 Emokpae said further that he plans to build the Foursquare brand as a recognisable mission throughout the country and establish a Theological seminary along with a campus of the Ed-John Institute of Management and Technology.

 The institute will train young people to be entrepreneurs. They will thereafter be given micro-grants to set up micro-enterprises and also help poor women to get out of poverty.

 To facilitate the work in the country, Dr. Emokpae will ordain Pastor Turnel Hendrickson along with his wife as Pastor-in-Charge of the first church in the country.

 Apart from establishing the first church in Trinidad and Tobago, the conference inaugurated the first National Board of Directors that included Dr. Emokpae as the National President, Pastor Turnel Hendrickson as Director for Home missions, and Pastor Samuel Olubode as National Secretary.

Rev Mrs and Rev Dr. Olugboji Farombi, General Overseer Emeritus, Foursquare Gospel Church, Dr. Osaren Omokpae and the Nigeria High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, His excellency Abubakar Ibrahim

 Since his appointment and installation, a number of notable individuals both within and outside the church have been sending congratulatory messages to him.

Among the many messages is that of Foursquare Associate Director for Global Expansion and Coordinator of Foursquare Caribbean, Pastor Jonathan Hall

The General Overseer and National Leader, of Foursquare Gospel Church Nigeria, Rev. Sam Aboyeji, President of International Refreshing Ministries Chicago, Rev Dr. Olu Farombi, and  Mr. Nixon  Winter have also sent goodwill messages.

Also on the list of those who wished Emokpae well are Rev. Dr. Richard Oloidi, the Group CEO of Insight/Troyka group, Mr. Jimi Awosika, Founder of LAPO Group, Dr. Godwin Ehigiamusoe and High Commissioner to Trinidad & Tobago, His Excellency Abubakar Ibrahim.

 Minister Udo Onyi, the Deputy Ambassador to several countries in the West Indies, and other eminent clergy, personalities, and captains of industries in Nigeria, Britain, the USA, and other parts of the world.


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